Top News Related To Coronavirus In India

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    Top News Related To Coronavirus In India

    Top News Related To Coronavirus In India

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    Top News Related To Coronavirus In India
    The global infections have more than 550,000  people As many as 25,042 people have died so far due to the virus. News of 27 March 2020.
    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on friday tested positive for coronavirus.  News of 27 March 2020.
    The RBI has confirmed a three-month moratorium on all payments, including retail loans and credit card balances apart from corporate loans.  News of 27 March 2020.
    The number of deaths across the world from the novel coronavirus has cross 24,663, according to an AFP tally. News of 27 March 2020.
    More than 85K People tested positive from  coronavirus in USA which is higher than china and Itly.  News of 27 March 2020.
    More than 8.2K People died from  coronavirus in Itly which is higher than Spain and China.  News of 27 March 2020.
    Gujarat launches app to track home-quarantined persons. News of 27 March 2020.
    The Centre will provide three months’ pension in advance to around three-crore senior citizens, widows,  and differently-abled in the first week of April, officials said on Friday.News of 27 March 2020.
    For the welfare of the weaker sections of society in the Odisha state today, Rs 2,200 cr package is anounced by Odisha CM News of 27 March 2020.
    SBI cuts lending rate by 75 bps  News of 27 March 2020.
    Total 17 deaths from coronavirus.  News of 27 March 2020.
    In view of COVID-19 outbreak, the first phase of Census 2021 and the updation of National Population Register (NPR) has been postponed until further orders: confirmed by Ministry of Home Affairs (ANI)
    A man in Mizoram, his age is arount 50 years, who recently returned from Holland capital Amsterdam tested positive of COVID-19 on 25th march 2020 this is first case from Mizoram.
    Uttar Pradesh government has announced an additional Rs 50 crore for state health department in wake of COVID-19 outbreak. (ANI) on 25th march 2020
    US Senate, White House reach deal on $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package
    Olympic postponement.
    Functioning of all district court in Delhi suspended till April 15 in view of 21-day lockdown  this  is 25 march 2020 news
    29 private laboratories with over 16,000 sample collection centres have been registered so far for testing of Covid-19 : Health ministry  25 march 2020 news
    Total number of Covid-9 positive cases soar to 606 in India till 7 PM 25, march 2020 news
    All states have been asked to set up helplines for coronavirus , 25 march 2020 news
    Mumbai’s famous chef Floyd Cardoz dies of coronavirus in US,   25 march 2020 news
    Delhi govt orders strict action against landlords who discriminate against doctors, medical staff because they work in Corona-sensitive environment,  25 march 2020 news
    Total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Italy rises to 69,176 from 63,927 on Monday 23 march 2020
    COVID-19 से लड़ने के लिए सरकार ने 15000cr रुपए का प्रावधान किया है।  इससे testing, self protective equipments, ventilators, Isolation and ICU beds जैसी अन्य जरूरी संसाधनों की संख्या बढ़ाई जाएगी। 24 march 2020 news
    The Indian Railways on Wednesday said that its suspension of all passenger services will continue till April 14 in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.
    Stock market to stay open despite 21-day nationwide lockdown
    Hospitals,  fire stations, nursing homes, police, ATMs will continue to work: Guidelines by PTI(Press Trust of India) 24 march 2020
    PM announces complete lockdown from midnight tonight 24 Mrach 2020
    Delho Gov. Will give Rs 5000 each to all construction workers: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal , 24 March 2020 news
    BJP leader Kirit Somaiya on Tuesday 24 march 2020 said he had written to RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das to declare a three-month moratorium on EMI, loan repayments etc due to the lockdown in force to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus. He said the income of small traders and retail borrowers, self-employed people, had been hit due to the virus outbreak and they need relief.
    Another 514 people have died in Spain over the past 24 hours, raising the death toll to 2,696, as the number of infections surged towards 40,000, the government said on Tuesday  24 march 2020.
    Celebrate Gudi Padwa at home, requested by Maharashtra Governor
    We can produce 1 to 1.5 lakh tests in a week: Ranjit Desai, Scientist at Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd 24th march 2020 news
    COVID-19: Tamil Nadu CM announces Rs 1000 to all ration card holders 24 march 2020 news
    Coronavirus: TVS Electronics halts manufacturing operations till March 31 24 march 2020 news
    Complete waiver of minimum balance charges for savings bank account: FM 24th march 2020 news
    For companies with less than Rs 5 cr turnover, no interest, penalty charges and late fee to be charged on late GST return filing 24 march 2020 news
    Aadhaar-pan linking has been extended to June 30 from March 31, 24 march 2020 news
    For any delayed deposit of TDS, interest has been reduced to 9 % from 18% 24th march 2020 news
    Last date to file IT returns extended to 30 June 2020 for FY 18-19, this news declared on 24 march 2020


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