About Us

About Us


TopRanker4U.com is a familiar name among millions of internet user. In fact, TopRanker4U.com has become synonymous with professionalism and excellence in the field of providing ranking for everything. Currently we provide ranking for Schools, Colleges, Training Institutes, Coaching Institutes, Companies, Job Consultancies, Hotels, Hospitals and Restaurants.

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Business Highlights

  • Provide free business directory to end user.
  • Promote businesses of preferred customer.
  • Create website of preferred customer.
  • Publish discount coupon code of businesses, which is beneficial for end user.
  • Provide ranking of businesses like schools, colleges, coaching, hospitals, restaurants, institutes etc based on consolidated review and rating. User needs not to read so many reviews and rating online to come on conclusion which we think, it is waste of time to read review and rating online. We provide consolidated report on our website page which really reduce the time for end user to take own decision.
  • Provide study materials package to the students for their exam and interview.


It is just beginning and need financial support from investor to scale our business. Now, we have decided to raise fund to enhance our business so we are looking for potential investors who can mentor and financially support us.


You can contact us for any query.

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We are hiring, refer Careers page.

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