Data Analysis Parameters

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Data analysis parameters

Each business report card is prepared based on Popularity, Quality and TRP (Top Ranker Point). Let me explain all these parameter.

  1. Popularity: This parameter is very important because there are some new business and  user has given feedback say for example we are collecting rating for X business which are very new and only two or three people has given rating. They have given 10/10. By only two or three rating we cannot say that this X business is very good. We have to also include some other parameter that is how much people are talking about it, I means to say that how many people have given more feedback on particular business. For example our team want survey for 100 businesses (for example). How many maximum users have shown interest to at least provide feedback for business. I mean to say that how many user all ready know that service provide (business) and want to talk on that. So popularity is very important parameter to provide accurate data and it comes not in one day. For example DPS school popularity is why high because they have shown good result in past. Popularity is not one or two days result parameter it comes after so many days effort. So you have to also give priority to this parameter.
  2. Quality: Next parameter is quality, which we believe, that is most important parameter for any business to succeed. In long run quality only increase popularity. If business is new and quality is very high then it is going to definitely popular in long run. It does not means that only having high quality is best service provider (business). You have to judge it popularity as well. For example if any old business which is very old and having good popularity along with quality it means that that business(service provider is already tested by number of user and provided good feedback about that business, it means it is more reliable data). Hope you guys got what is our intention to give equal weight age to both parameter i.e. popularity and quality.
  3. TRP (Top Ranker Point): This parameter we have recently added, because it is just simply multiplication of popularity and quality i.e. TRP. I would like to tell you guys that we collect sample data and normalized it based on City. For example we collected data for 1000 CBSE schools. We will normalized that data for given city and calculate its popularity and quality in form of percentile. Like one school got maximum number of feedback means its popularity will be 100%. And other school is how much lesser compared to first school based on that second school popularity will be calculated. Same concept is for quality. So both parameters are shown in percentile form. And finally both multiplication result in TRP. If you are seeing any area wise page for example School In Lakshmi Nagar in Delhi, and don’t think that first school popularity will be 100 percentile why because that area is calculated for Delhi not for that area. So All data is normalized and shown based on that city.

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