Top Software Training Institutes Ranking In Barasat In 2016-2017

Top Software Training Institutes Ranking In Barasat

In India, every parent wants their child to become successful software engineer. For that, they want them to expert in software programming skills. Top Software Training Institutes Ranking In BarasatMost students out there are unable to get reliable and adequate information on the leading software institutes.
With an increasing number of job hunter wanting to opt for various software courses like C, C++, Data Structure, Algorithms J2EE, .NET, C#, Oracle Unix Scripts, Perl Scripts, Python Scripts, PHP Software Testing, Embedded System, VLSI, ARM VHDL, MATLAB, PLC, SCADA CATIA, CAD ,CAM, Android iPhone, SharePoint, BizTalk, Hadoop ERP, Cloud, MATLAB, XML Web Development, Telecom, Robotics, Networking Linux, Window, Data Warehousing, SMO+SEO Animation, Flex Ria, SOA, SQL Server Cyber Security, BI, Report, Prince ITIL, Agile Scrium, PMP, Manag. & Leadership Business Communication, Business Analysis, PD, HR Specialist Mobile Gaming Training, Mobile Application Development Training, MSOFFICE, Juniper Certification Training, L2 & L3 Protocol Training, MCTS Training, CorelDraw Training, VFX Training, JQuery Training, Spring Training, VMware Training, SAN Training, Linux Administration Training, Mobile Application Testing Training. has been at the frontrunner when it comes to helping you find the best Software Training Institutes for job hunter. There are number of Software Training Institutes in Barasat that offers best quality courses to Job hunter. We have presently started working in finding Software Training Institutes in Barasat for this year also and presented list of Software Training Institutes Center. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best Software Training Institutes in Barasat city but I can Say, It is indicator for job hunter to help in choosing most appropriate Software Training Institutes Center in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top Software Training Institutes:

  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like fee structure, Training delivered by real time software experts, Interview questions and real time scenarios discussion on topics, Real time projects discussion, Resume preparation and mock up interviews, 24 hours lab facility and most importantly selection percentage of job hunter in the past years and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated Software Training Institutes in Barasat along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, Name, telephone numbers and Location.

Top Software Training Institutes Ranking In Barasat:

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RankInstitute NameContact DetailsEstd.
1EtechguysPhone No:33-3302953, Location: Salt Lake City 2011
2Rabindra Bharati University Co...Phone No:33-25462770 or 987482431, Location: B T Road 1998
3Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-40076890 or 923942662, Location: Street Crossing, Camac.. 1991
4National Institute of Electron...Phone No:33-24146081 or 2414605, Location: Mullick Road, Jadavpur.. 1990
5CMC LTD Park Street CentrePhone No:33-22296662 or 923181863, Location: Free School Street 1998
6Moniba Compu Academy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-23675395 or 2367539, Location: Salt Lake City 2001
7Aptech Computer Education (...Phone No:33-3315780, Location: Salt Lake City-bidhan .. 2000
8George Telegraph Training Inst...Phone No:33-24754600 or 967408786, Location: S P Mukherjee Road 1920
9Ardent Computech Pvt LtdPhone No:33-3302161, Location: Near BSNL Telephone Ex.. 2003
10BRAINWARE COMPUTER ACADEMYPhone No:983093699, Location: Vip Road, Deshbandhuna.. 2001
11BrainwarePhone No:33-3315775, Location: Gariahat Junction, Bal.. 2000
12BrainwarePhone No:33-3302153, Location: C Mullick Road, Jadavp.. 1991
13CMC Ltd Salt Lake City Sector .. -
14Aptech Computer Education C...Phone No:33-3301713, Location: Ashutosh Mukherjee Road 1986
15InfounivPhone No:33-22236976 or 983002337, Location: Chowringhee Terrace 2000
16Image ArrayPhone No:967460560, Location: Madan Mohan Talla Stre.. -
17NIIT Kolkata Gariahat CentrePhone No:33-3313301, Location: Rash Behari Avenue -
18The Interface ERP AcademyPhone No:33-65010659 or 853782060, Location: Salt Lake City Sector .. 2008
19NIIT Kolkata Salt Lake CentrePhone No:33-3313298, Location: Salt Lake city -
20Webel Informatics Ltd (Head Of...Phone No:33-22833568 or 943111111, Location: C Bose Road 1992
21Webel Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-23374049 or 943353094, Location: Near C A Island -
22NIIT Kolkata Camac Street C...Phone No:33-3313294, Location: 7 Camac Street 2000
23BrainwarePhone No:33-24219656 or 983067994, Location: Ashok Nagar -
24Nshm Udaan Skills Pvt Ltd (...Phone No:33-3302206, Location: Motilal Gupta Road 1979
25Lalani Computer Academy H OPhone No:33-22878573 or 983110517, Location: Chandra Bose Road -
26NIIT Kankurgachi CentrePhone No:33-3313298, Location: Scheme VI (M) -
27Classic Computer AcademyPhone No:9231538070 or 923154900, Location: Pathuriaghat Street 1995
28CMC LtdPhone No:33-22290188 or 943318337, Location: Ripon Street -
29Srimati Techno InstitutePhone No:33-3313564, Location: Hazra Road, Kalighat.. 1989
30Brainware Consultancy PVT LTDPhone No:33-65447113 or 983191804, Location: Ram Ratan Bose Lane 1991
31Youth Computer Training CenterPhone No:33-6525520, Location: Shyama Pally 2001
32MicePhone No:33-25760494 or 933009140, Location: Above Bata Showroom, B.. -
33The British InstitutesPhone No:33-25761955 or 983172952, Location: Narayantala West, Bagu.. 2003
34Rama Krishna Math YogodyanPhone No:33-23206001 or 943372902, Location: Yogodyan Lane 2010
35Ambition Infocom Private LimitedPhone No:33-40670101 or 983083768, Location: Ballygunge Place Restu.. 2000
36CMC LtdPhone No:33-24572957 or 980493058, Location: Road (Near Mint) -
37C M C LtdPhone No:33-25933825 or 933984856, Location: S N Banerjee Road, Bar.. 2004
38Xenitis Technolab PVT LTD Corp...Phone No:33-22893280 or 983097211, Location: C Bose Road -
39Ultimate SolutionsPhone No:33-40007521 or 983667991, Location: 25 Gariahat Road South.. 2009
40BrainwarePhone No:33-3059172, Location: Ashoka Cinema Hall), B.. 2000
41Guidance Computer Training Ins...Phone No:8583966609 or 903881077, Location: Patwar Bagan Lane 2012
42I A S AcademyPhone No:33-3302719, Location: Anwar Shah Road, Jodhp.. 1999
43Future Soft Academy Of LearningPhone No:33-40006969 or 983658367, Location: Hindustan Road, Sarat .. 2000
44Tally AcademyPhone No:33-23960197 or 983613065, Location: Sahapur Colony 2004
45Arena AnimationPhone No:33-3302794, Location: K B Basu Road 2000
46Iijt InfotechPhone No:33-22894477 or 987471080, Location: Elgin Road 2006
47NIIT KOLKATA GARIA CENTREPhone No:33-3313299, Location: C. Mullick Road -
48Cmc LtdPhone No:33-24460725 or 2446313, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
49BrainwarePhone No:33-3315772, Location: Salt Lake City 1990
50RootPhone No:33-3302854, Location: Amherst Street 2001
51Compu WorldPhone No:33-3315742, Location: Ganguly Sarani, Bhawan.. 2003
52Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-64990407 or 974874191, Location: RASHBEHARI AVENUE -
53IhtPhone No:33-31909048 or 983164904, Location: VIP Road 2003
54IIHT GariahatPhone No:33-40085974 or 905158120, Location: Rash Behari Avenue 1993
55George Telegraph Training Inst...Phone No:33-64502156 or 983642828, Location: Chandra Bose Road -
56I A P SPhone No:9830593578 or 898109357, Location: Mahendra Banerjee Road -
57Cloudnet Institute Of Informat...Phone No:33-3301557, Location: Taki Road, Barasat 2012
58Syntigrity Solutions Pvt LtdPhone No:9883872737 or 810035511, Location: Azad Hind Dhaba 2012
59Lakhotia Computer CentrePhone No:33-3301817, Location: entally 1985
60Hcl Career Development CentrePhone No:33-64584750 or 916331903, Location: Rajdanga Chakraborty .. 2007
61Webel Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-24865515 or 983115288, Location: Harish Mukherjee Road -
62CMC Academy Hazra A TATA E...Phone No:33-3313063, Location: Shyma Prosad Mukherjee.. 2000
63Classmate Computer AcademyPhone No:9477103168 or 943216654, Location: New Barrackpore.. 2008
64NIIT Kolkata Nagerbazar CentrePhone No:33-3313301, Location: Jessore Road -
65Tcs IonPhone No:33-3301610, Location: Scheme VI M, Kankurgac.. 2014
66Lmiit Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-32978926 or 933083580, Location: B K Bhattacharya Road 1995
67IIHT CHANDNI CHOWKPhone No:974859900, Location: (Ganesh Chandra Avenue.. 1993
68NIIT Kolkata Jadavpur CentrePhone No:33-3313294, Location: Central Road Jadavpur -
69Brainware Computer Training Ce...Phone No:33-2524244, Location: Barasat Colony More -
70BrainwarePhone No:33-3059174, Location: Ghosh Para Road, Barra.. 2000
71United Cultural And Educationa...Phone No:33-65003136 or 903516675, Location: Road (DUM Dum) -
72Sri Sarada Math Rasik Bhita Sh...Phone No:33-65254967 or 2564982, Location: R N Tagore Road, Alamb.. 2001
73Techhub SolutionsPhone No:33-3301937, Location: Garfa School Lane 2012
74Kedar CentrePhone No:933964353, Location: T G Road 2006
75IIHTPhone No:33-3301574, Location: Pranabananda Road, Gar.. 2012
76C M C LtdPhone No:33-24302824 or 987489718, Location: C Mullick Road, Garia.. 2009
77East barrackpore youth compute...Phone No:983156585, Location: Barasat Road -
78NIIT Barrackpore CentrePhone No:33-3313298, Location: 24 Parganas(N) -
79OctanePhone No:33-3301900, Location: Sector 1 2011
80Infocus EducationPhone No:33-23211855 or 801752751, Location: sector-1 2006
81Target Point Computer Educatio...Phone No:9830132482 or 943249498, Location: Canal Street, Sree Bhu.. 1998
82AGILE TECHNOLOGIES AND SOLUTIONPhone No:33-24410600 or 983014167, Location: Bose Pukur Road 2012
83Nimtt Dhakuria CentrePhone No:33-40440404 or 903827970, Location: Maharaja Tagore Road -
84James Long Youth Computer Trai...Phone No:33-24989765 or 974867225, Location: Shashi Bhushan Mukherj.. -
85InfomaticsPhone No:33-3302011, Location: Bapuji Nagar, Regent E.. 2005
86BRAINWAREPhone No:33-3059177, Location: COLONY MORE, Barasat -
87Vision Technology ServicePhone No:33-3301717, Location: Super Market, Bangur A.. 2009
88NIIT LtdPhone No:33-40080361 or 983121503, Location: M A Road 2013
89Futuresoft Man Management Pvt LtdPhone No:33-23551496 or 6454876, Location: C I T Road 2001
90CMC LTDPhone No:33-2364832, Location: Manicktala Main Road -
91BrainwarePhone No:33-3059177, Location: C, Lala Lajpat Rai Sar.. -
92Lalani Computer AcademyPhone No:33-32430774 or 933952067, Location: C Mullick Road -
93Ambition Computer CentrePhone No:900744781, Location: Kalibari Road, New Bar.. -
94NIIT Kolkata VIP Road CentrePhone No:33-3313299, Location: Baguihati More -
95Congenplus TechnologyPhone No:33-3315780, Location: Salt Lake City Sector .. 2014
96Rational Institute Of TechnoartsPhone No:33-22357109 or 987441982, Location: Bridge App Road, Dalho.. 2000
97Tamanna IT Solutions PVT LTD C...Phone No:33-22884411 or 905109829, Location: (Near Maidan Metro) -
98HCL Career Development Centre ...Phone No:33-2282919, Location: Maidan Metro Station) -
99Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-2466353, Location: Lake Place -
100Net SonicPhone No:33-24490829 or 983155249, Location: Diamond Harbour Road 2000
101Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-32981222 or 983058191, Location: Gorkhara Road 2009
102Youth Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-32923423 or 983016645, Location: Garia Main Road -
103Alvin InfotechPhone No:33-2436872, Location: Garia Station Road 2014
104Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-24452342 or 987406066, Location: Souren Roy Road, Behal.. -
105Youth Computer Centre Boral Nu...Phone No:33-24284966 or 943347242, Location: Regent Park -
106Tally AcademyPhone No:33-3302430, Location: K.N.C. Road 2000
107CMC LTDPhone No:33-32568841 or 983152978, Location: K N C Road -
108Webel Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-24570539 or 983646294, Location: Vidyapith Road -
109C M C LtdPhone No:33-25442659 or 933984856, Location: Feeder Road -
110Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-64990277 or 6533736, Location: Ashokgarh, ISI.. -
111EpitomePhone No:983657466, Location: Feeder Road 2010
112NIIT BARANAGAR CentrePhone No:33-3313300, Location: Baranagar -
113OAASA TECHNOLOGYSPhone No:9038022259 or 862108018, Location: Rabindra Pally-Keshtop.. 2006
114Academy Of Brains & CareersPhone No:33-23588098 or 987403250, Location: Salt Lake City -
115NIIT Shyambazar CenterPhone No:33-3313299, Location: Bidhan Sarani -
116Future EngineersPhone No:33-3302194, Location: Bose Pukur Road 2003
117Datapro Computers Pvt LtdPhone No:33-24260282 or 869765546, Location: Arjun Park 2012
118IndiacanPhone No:33-40670162 or 916302108, Location: Rash behari, Sarat Bos.. -
119Cadd Centre Training Services ...Phone No:33-64507446 or 869724322, Location: Mullick Road, Jadavpur.. 1989
120Indus InfotechPhone No:983122210, Location: Durgapur Colony 2001
121J S SoftwarePhone No:33-24324855 or 943292480, Location: Garia Station Road 2003
122NIIT Kolkata Hazra CentrePhone No:33-3313299, Location: S.P. Mukherjee Road -
123Infinite InfotechPhone No:33-65226523 or 923032246, Location: Diamond Horbur Road 2000
124NIIT LtdPhone No:33-2565630, Location: First Road 1981
125Brainware Computer AcademyPhone No:33-25391100 or 943347084, Location: M B Road, Birati.. 2002
126APLLPhone No:7890058964 or 903809151, Location: Old Calcutta Road 2000
127Creative Web TiuchPhone No:923157097, Location: Store Bazar -
128Lalani Computer AcademyPhone No:33-3301530, Location: VIP Road Kestopur 1999
129Macron TechnologyPhone No:33-25604478 or 983106945, Location: DUM DUM Road -
130SOFTTEKPhone No:33-25768481 or 983622517, Location: SCHOOL PARA 2003
131Introduction Computer centerPhone No:33-3302032, Location: Northern Evenue 2000
132NIIT Kolkata New Town CentrePhone No:33-3313300, Location: New Town -
133Elearning Labs Convergent IT S...Phone No:9836113132 or 983006236, Location: Salt Lake City 2009
134Webel Indus Knowledge CentrePhone No:33-23579663 or 983673151, Location: Beside Infinity Buildi.. -
135NIIT KOLKATA COLLEGE STREET...Phone No:33-3313301, Location: M. G. Road -
136CMC LtdPhone No:33-2360155, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road -
137Gupta infotechPhone No:33-28321887 or 983169950, Location: Topsia 2nd Lane, Tilja.. 2007
138St Xavier's College Computer C...Phone No:33-22876035 or 990300553, Location: Mother Teresa Sarani -
139New Horizons I LtdPhone No:33-22274855 or 983073796, Location: (Near Mullick Bazar) -
140NIIT PARK CIRCUS CentrePhone No:33-3313301, Location: Park Circus -
141Tally AcademyPhone No:943373284, Location: Syed Amir Ali Avenue -
142Altius Learning TechnologyPhone No:33-32459428 or 983648784, Location: Purna DAS Road -
143CMC AcademyPhone No:33-24638735 or 943325821, Location: Gariahat Road 2001
144ASET Apex School of Education ...Phone No:33-24480448 or 990363109, Location: Hari sava Street 2011
145InfounivPhone No:9830023377 or 987403300, Location: 217, Sarat Bose Road 2000
146Techduple SolutionsPhone No:33-24843793 or 983145379, Location: Purbachal Main Road 2010
147NIIT Kolkata Alipore CentrePhone No:33-3313299, Location: Diamond Harbour 2014
148Webel Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-24292429 or 943364769, Location: Boys High School -
149W B Government Youth Computer ...Phone No:33-24259074 or 983115348, Location: Mullick Road -
150Institute Of Gaming & AnimationPhone No:33-24222160 or 990383867, Location: Hussain Shah Road -
151NIIT Kolkata Tollygunge CentrePhone No:33-24818390 or 983107717, Location: Chandra Bose Road, Reg.. -
152Brainware Consultancy PVT LTDPhone No:33-2462716, Location: Kendua Main Road -
153NIIT Kolkata Behala CentrePhone No:33-3313294, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
154IIHTPhone No:33-64582701 or 987449773, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
155NIIT Barasat CentrePhone No:33-3313298, Location: Parganas (N) Barasat -
156DCS MultimediaPhone No:983060193, Location: K N C Road 1990
157AVJ INFOTECH PVT LIMITEDPhone No:33-64560008 or 983162029, Location: Maa sarada road -
158Rush Computer Training InstitutePhone No:33-25627743 or 923165189, Location: R B C Road, Barasat 1993
159IIHTPhone No:33-65301222 or 862094647, Location: Taki Road 2009
160Royale AcademyPhone No:33-65404225 or 908808610, Location: M B Road -
161Techcom Learning InstitutePhone No:983099768, Location: Vivekananda Pally, Nim.. 2012
162Prk Web SolutionsPhone No:896130041, Location: Ramkrishna Road 2014
163Ashirbad AcademyPhone No:9836612355 or 842007340, Location: Iswar Chatterjee Road 2008
164Konnecting HubPhone No:9883690226 or 983123732, Location: Sardar Para, Kolkata A.. 2011
165Webel Computer Training CenterPhone No:33-25921421 or 983646294, Location: Port Blair Lane -
166Asian Pacific Learning LTDPhone No:9681044744 or 933180857, Location: Arjunpur -
167Youth Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-32490589 or 974863656, Location: Rabindra Pally 2008
168Synopsis Technology Solutions ...Phone No:33-68888509 or 987479014, Location: Prafulla Kanan-Keshtop.. 2014
169Aptech Computer EducationPhone No:33-3301268, Location: Kalindi Housing Estate.. 2015
170NIIT SHYAMBAZAR CENTREPhone No:33-3313637, Location: Bidhan Sarani -
171WebTek Labs Pvt. LtdPhone No:33-65011271 or 983182964, Location: Sector 1 2001
172Tata Interactive System Salt Lake City -
173Ikon Computer Education & Trai...Phone No:33-23543010 or 983693059, Location: Karbala Tank Lane, Bea.. 1996
174Knowledge Point Computer Ac...Phone No:33-3313244, Location: Main Road, Narkeldanga.. 2005
175Techno Computer AcademyPhone No:7278583500 or 964118828, Location: C Banerjee Road, Belia.. 2014
176Youth Computer Training CentrePhone No:9903932476 or 801729444, Location: C I T Road 2008
177Computer ZonePhone No:33-22378643 or 983000834, Location: Babu Lane, Chittaranja.. -
178CMC LtdPhone No:983651735, Location: Park Street -
179ARYA COMPUTER COACHING CENTREPhone No:801338468, Location: Road, Govinda Khatick .. 2013
180Cifa Academy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-65408488 or 933010848, Location: Income Tax Office -
181Thought ProcessPhone No:33-3301547, Location: Palm Avenue, Ballygung.. 2011
182NIHTPhone No:33-22434292 or 983039830, Location: Sadan Metro Station) -
183S I I TPhone No:33-3313468, Location: Bose Pukur Road, Kasba.. 2008
184Zed CA Ballygunge Studio Red N...Phone No:33-24400313 or 983048713, Location: Ekdalia Road -
185Webel Computer Training CentrePhone No:33-24594576 or 933103262, Location: Karl Marx Sarani -
186Yasin Cyber CafePhone No:7278567052 or 987437134, Location: 24H/1 Dent Mission Road 2000
187Dhakuria Computer Training CentrePhone No:983617331, Location: Maharaja Tagor Road -
188Future Technology FoundationPhone No:33-40076397 or 983022720, Location: Jatin DAS, Sarat Bose .. 1999
189TSM Techno Speciality MediaPhone No:9046567905 or 827499419, Location: South Road 2010
190Systwok InternationalPhone No:33-3302546, Location: C Mullik Road 1999
191DataproPhone No:33-6541123, Location: Prince Bakhtiar Shah R.. 2012
192C M C TollygungePhone No:33-3313474, Location: Netaji Nagar Girls Col.. 2010
193W B Govt Youth Computer Traini...Phone No:33-24997347 or 923332204, Location: Netajinagar -
194Behala College Computer Centre...Phone No:33-24079727 or 980433216, Location: Naskar Road (Parnasree.. 2000
195Titan WatchPhone No:916330947, Location: Sonarpur Station Road -
196Calcutta Youth Self Employment...Phone No:33-24473142 or 974866317, Location: Biren Roy Road 1975
197NIIT MADHYAMGRAMPhone No:33-25268793 or 960911507, Location: Jessore Road 2006
198BRIGHT INSTITUTEPhone No:9874166626 or 988364778, Location: 2/3 jessore road 2013
199Institute of Computer & Manage...Phone No:33-6413127, Location: Sarat Bose Colony -
200West Bengal Government State Y...Phone No:33-25238073 or 980487360, Location: Station Road -
201Cyber ZonePhone No:983072328, Location: Islam Avenue, Kolkata .. 2003
202Positive CafePhone No:9830759841 or 768588111, Location: Kaikhali Road, Kolkata 2009
203INFOTECH COMPUTER CENTREPhone No:9831472990 or 983108362, Location: P.K. GUHA LANE 2006
204Ambey institute of managementPhone No:980418973, Location: Sitalatala Road -
205NictPhone No:33-3315784, Location: DUM DUM Road 2001
206Brainware Consultancy PVT LTDPhone No:33-25310755 or 2531501, Location: B T Road -
207Nistha School of Computer Educ...Phone No:33-25781592 or 2557409, Location: B T Road -
208Tecsour Infoserv Pvt LtdPhone No:7547000707 or 754700071, Location: Rabindrapally Road, Ke.. 2009
209National School Of Computer Ed...Phone No:33-25572795 or 2557409, Location: South Sinthee Road -
210Dipendu PaulPhone No:983040563, Location: Nazrul Park, Baguihati.. 2012
211Techno Lab SinthiPhone No:33-25325572 or 2532557, Location: B T Road -
212We Build TechnologyPhone No:33-23243339 or 987471333, Location: New Town 2012
213Nimble Tech SolutionPhone No:9038060602 or 903866060, Location: Salt Lake City Sector .. -
214Accumen LearningPhone No:9331979896 or 974881220, Location: Canel Street -
215Overseas School For Management...Phone No:33-23213919 or 2321392, Location: Sector-1 2001
216Labanhrad Salt Lake Youth Comp...Phone No:33-23340656 or 983073511, Location: Salt Lake City 2007
217Comtech Computer Education & S...Phone No:914317092, Location: Bidhan Nagar Road 1998
218PCS Global (Perennation Comput...Phone No:869774161, Location: Merlin Infinite 2010
219Brainware PhoolbaganPhone No:33-3258252, Location: C I T Road -
220BrainwarePhone No:9432927760 or 801727935, Location: BK STREET, Uttarpara.. -
221Satyam ParamarshPhone No:33-22413830 or 983107766, Location: D Ali Park -
222W B Govt Youth Computer Traini...Phone No:33-65221028 or 923000772, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road -
223JOLLY COMPUTER CENTREPhone No:933086658, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road 2001
224Alliance AcademyPhone No:987453322, Location: Nani Gopal Roy Chowdhu.. 2009
225Ecotech Consultants PVT LTDPhone No:33-22485923 or 933012623, Location: Waterloo St -
226Alif computer centrePhone No:900740440, Location: Samsul Huda Road -
227Acesoftech AcademyPhone No:858395952, Location: Picnic Garden 1st Lane.. 2011
228Aptech N Power Hardware & Netw...Phone No:999999999, Location: 7 Point Crossing) -
229SIPRA'S ACADEMY FOR COMPUTERPhone No:9874803936 or 905106015, Location: Ballygunge.. 2016
230Kids Computer CentrePhone No:33-24411474 or 988322595, Location: B B Chatterjee Road, K.. -
231Pace InformaticsPhone No:983124350, Location: Dhirendra Nath Ghosh R.. -
232Zed Computer academyPhone No:33-24546317 or 943307791, Location: Basanta Bose Road 1993
233Software Technology Group R OPhone No:33-24647163 or 983019962, Location: Jatin DAS Road -
234InfonetPhone No:923022564, Location: Manoharpukur Road -
235Epitome Institute For Vocation...Phone No:9051326263 or 905136565, Location: S P Mukherjee Road -
236Mousumi Computer CenterPhone No:33-40628150 or 983168918, Location: Priyanath Ghosh Road 2005
237Institute Of Project Planning ...Phone No:33-65293371 or 869772365, Location: Mission Girls School -
238ComputechPhone No:33-24117947 or 956417691, Location: Netaji Nagar Woman col.. 2014
239AIITA STUDY CENTRE (KOLKATA)Phone No:983197104, Location: Sahapur Main Road, Sha.. 2012
240AmbidextrousPhone No:9433233178 or 987418762, Location: Kumar Garden 4th Lane 2003
241Success Computer & Education C...Phone No:9903166246 or 983052136, Location: Bama Charan Roy Road 2011
242Hitech Computer And Educationa...Phone No:9831059631 or 990307201, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road 1996
243Happy ZonePhone No:33-24910052 or 983152993, Location: Rabindra Nagar 2000
244Brainware Consultancy Pvt LtdPhone No:33-24458114 or 869705181, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
245Adarsha Career MissionPhone No:33-40639000 or 933930214, Location: Garia Main Road, Garia.. 1984
246Bornona FoundationPhone No:33-32006470 or 973244644, Location: MAA Sarada Road -
247BARASAT COMPUTER CARE EDUCATIO...Phone No:933120637, Location: Banamalipur 2009
248FACT COMPUTER EDUCATIONPhone No:9883099213 or 801391103, Location: Jessore Road 2013
249EDIFICAPhone No:833597973, Location: Jessore Road 2008
250APEX Computer CentrePhone No:983042500, Location: Barrackpur Road 2006
251Mizan ChowdhuryPhone No:923954558, Location: K N C Road -
252AdityamPhone No:933197403, Location: Krishnanagar Road -
253Hello worldPhone No:33-65405404 or 983040828, Location: Jessore road -
254Nightingale Computer Training ...Phone No:943315137, Location: Basu Nagar 1995
255Net Space Computer CenterPhone No:983021723, Location: Madhyamgram, Madhyamgr.. -
256Base CampPhone No:943334296, Location: Main Road, Madhyamgram.. -
258KNOWLEDGE COMPUTER CENTREPhone No:9143317563 or 801316443, Location: Barasat-Barrackpore Road -
259Dey Computer Of TechnologyPhone No:943219133, Location: Sodepur Road 2008
260T T ComputechPhone No:909360757, Location: 214 bus stand, New Bar.. 2000
261Megamind SystemsPhone No:33-25382993 or 933127724, Location: Jessore Road -
262Mobile Phone Repairing Traing ...Phone No:33-64560008 or 983162029, Location: MA Sarada Road -
263Nilganj Youth Computer CenterPhone No:33-3261858, Location: baraccpore Road, Nilga.. -
264Indira GaudohiPhone No:900758790, Location: Nilganj Hat, Nilganj B.. -
265Practical Tv CenterPhone No:33-2514883, Location: Kamal Park -
266Model Youth Computer Training ...Phone No:33-25956364 or 987474703, Location: Hb Town 2007
267SAP ABAP SimplifiedPhone No:801361688, Location: Kolkata -
268Avenue Computer CentrePhone No:943309007, Location: M B Road, Birati.. -
269M E S COMPUTER ACADEMYPhone No:973214917, Location: ABHAY BANERJEE ROAD 2006
270FUTURE CHALLENGERSPhone No:845087505, Location: barasat road, Nilganj .. 2008
271Online Computer CenterPhone No:900734590, Location: Old Calcutta Road -
272Avenue Computer CentrePhone No:943312572, Location: M B Road, Nimta.. -
273Shome institute of compititive...Phone No:33-25767817 or 983134560, Location: ambagan 2000
274YOUTH COMPUTER TRAINING CENTREPhone No:988370445, Location: Tarun Sengupta Sarani 2009
275Brainware Consultancy PVT LTDPhone No:33-3240731, Location: Near Sodepur -
276Elivate Management & Engineeri...Phone No:9433930490 or 943377736, Location: Purba Pally, Sodepur.. 2011
277SAi COMPUTERPhone No:916353295, Location: Natabar Dutta Row, Bow.. -
278TALLY ACADEMYPhone No:900710495, Location: Tarun Sengupta Sarani 2009
279Webel Informatics LTDPhone No:33-25110524 or 943349311, Location: P K Guha Road -
280M C TRAINING CENTREPhone No:33-32614995 or 983007936, Location: M B Road, Birati.. 2011
281National Security DatabasePhone No:890255357, Location: Kolkata -
282P K Computer AidPhone No:33-32580849 or 933104594, Location: P K Biswas Road -
283Ehouse SolutionPhone No:943287529, Location: Alipore 2nd Lane -
284Sodepur Commercial InstitutePhone No:943293933, Location: Sodepur station Road -
285New Cyber ZonePhone No:9681022326 or 990357897, Location: I P Road, Kolkata Airp.. 2009
286Holy Computer CentrePhone No:968176105, Location: B.t Road -
287Yould GlobalPhone No:33-64505115 or 905155656, Location: V I P Road 2011
288NET WORLD COMPUTERPhone No:983144866, Location: Jana Kalyan More -
289National youth computer litera...Phone No:990319969, Location: Jatin Das Nagar -
290Freshers KolkataPhone No:896134235, Location: S M Ali Road 2014
291Swami Vivekananda National You...Phone No:983081988, Location: Anandapuri 2014
292R R SolutionPhone No:9836643687 or 845080242, Location: M B Road 2005
293East barrackpore computer centrePhone No:727810464, Location: Barasat Road -
294AFFLTUS CONSULTANCY SERVICEPhone No:9830262809 or 801756429, Location: BELGHARIA RAILWAY STAT.. 2014
295MCAPLPhone No:967473597, Location: Barrackpore ghosh para.. 2012
296Adpsr TechnologyPhone No:7278593535 or 903803331, Location: Feeder Road -
297National Training AcademyPhone No:33-25480278 or 990307346, Location: Dum Dum Main Road -
298CEC Computer AcademyPhone No:983633902, Location: Jhawtala atghara -
299SitdPhone No:789059744, Location: Neelgunge Road 2007
300MPCC COMPUTER CENTREPhone No:983078677, Location: SADAR BAZAR 2001
301Brainware College of Professio...Phone No:33-2545241, Location: Ghosh Para Road -
302Kalyani GrafixPhone No:7278183180 or 705961071, Location: Rabitirtha, Rajarhat G.. 1996
303Mech Computer CentrePhone No:983689520, Location: T/15 Teghoria Road 2009
304Extended Dynamic Systems Pvt LtdPhone No:33-40061080 or 987468615, Location: V I P Road, Baguihati.. 2002
305Image InfosystemsPhone No:8013741100 or 983198573, Location: B N Ghosal Road, Belgh.. 2004
306C M C LtdPhone No:33-32931110 or 916300452, Location: Jessore Road -
307Rajiv Gandhi Computer Sakshatr...Phone No:33-25769476 or 980498557, Location: R P Road -
308Technet Education SocietyPhone No:8481937200 or 896101119, Location: Municipal Office Lane 2014
309Raunak Management Institute ...Phone No:33-25602013 or 810051055, Location: Kolkata - 700074 -
310Step Ahead Consultancy & Train...Phone No:983677117, Location: Nagendranath Road -
311Youth GlobalPhone No:33-65269522 or 903868987, Location: Motijheel Avenue 2014
312BEE EducationPhone No:33-64507525 or 983174160, Location: Ananda Mohan Bose Road 2006
313National Institute Of Computer...Phone No:983061513, Location: DUM DUM Road 2000
314NICTPhone No:980430080, Location: Dum Dum Road -
315Northern ComputersPhone No:933080672, Location: B T Road -
316DataproPhone No:33-65008022 or 933340601, Location: Jhangra 2011
317MformatrixPhone No:943317761, Location: Desh Bondhu Nagar 2010
318Root ComputerPhone No:983110099, Location: Surya Sen Road 2006
319Niht BaguiatiPhone No:33-3200217, Location: Baguiati More -
320Computer Made EasyPhone No:980427034, Location: BA/2 DESHBANDHUNAGAR B.. -
321Institute Of Computer Science ...Phone No:967401972, Location: Gouri Nath Sastri Road -

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