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Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In Allahabad In 2016-2017

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Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In Allahabad has been at the frontrunner when it comes to helping you find the best Coaching Center. There are number of CBSE Coaching in Allahabad that offer quality services to students. Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In AllahabadWe have presently started working in finding Top Coaching in Allahabad for this year also and presented list of Top Coaching Center. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best CBSE Coaching in Allahabad city but I can Say, It is indicator for students to help in choosing most appropriate coaching in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top CBSE Coaching:

  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like fee structure, location, adequate infrastructure, faculty, learning and performance of students in the past years and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated CBSE Coaching Center in Allahabad along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, Coaching Name, Contact Details and Date of establishment.

Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In Allahabad:

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RankCoaching NameContact DetailsEstd.
1Career ShapersPhone No:8543061734 or 998435073, Location: B Sapru Road, Civil Li.. 2000
2Aniruddha Pratap SinghPhone No:993508830, Location: Sapru Road, Civil Line.. -
3Career Coaching InstitutePhone No:532-2407428 or 941528498, Location: Kamla Nehru Road, Civi.. 1989
4Pandey ClassesPhone No:532-2508724 or 933515754, Location: Allahapur, Allahabad H.. -
5Inifd International Institu...Phone No:9506666600 or 945303938, Location: Near Naini Railway Sta.. 2010
6J P TutorialPhone No:9335125003 or 919863970, Location: kospara khurd koraon 2002
7S K Shukla AcademyPhone No:930502512, Location: Nr Pani Tanki, Allahpu.. 2001
8Pearl AcademyPhone No:532-2644790 or 941521759, Location: Beli Road, Allahabad C.. 1998
9Mayank ClassesPhone No:988903466, Location: Heart Line Hospital, C.. 2005
10Narayana AcademyPhone No:532-2466434 or 707135524, Location: Near Bansi Bhawan, Tag.. 2014
11The Engineer's AcademyPhone No:9532712037 or 854588379, Location: Taskant marg, Civil Li.. 2010
12Physica-boosterPhone No:995650218, Location: lal nehru road, Tagore.. -
13Luminous EducationPhone No:8423577421 or 873800893, Location: Sp Marg, Civil Lines.. 2010
14D.P. Singh ClassesPhone No:9565172622 or 933510326, Location: Malviya Road, George T.. -
15Vishvas AcademyPhone No:8423324230 or 800416434, Location: Rambagh Churaha, Ramba.. 2007
16Emmanuel CBSE ClassesPhone No:969634466, Location: Allahabad, Teliyarganj.. -
17Homework On WebPhone No:33-3301945, Location: Naipukur Reckjoani 2007
18Krishna coaching institutePhone No:993502587, Location: lal nehru road, Allaha.. 2000
19Atn AcademyPhone No:532-2548995 or 329558, Location: Anand Hospital, Muri R.. -
20EXCELLENT CLASSESPhone No:9807354786 or 987173038, Location: GHAUS NAGAR, Kareli.. 2011
21Quasar TutorialsPhone No:778588207, Location: Allahabad -
22Alliance Coaching InstitutePhone No:532-255886, Location: Nai Basti, Allahabad H.. -
23My Private Tutor.ComPhone No:9830062414 or 983002584, Location: Allahabad Ho.. -
24Gyan Study Point InstitutePhone No:930583195, Location: Pritam Nagar, Dhoomang.. 2009
25Timber ClassesPhone No:969693453, Location: poora fateh Mohmmad Na.. 2015
26Shristi an Education CentrePhone No:945135432, Location: Lowther Road, Civil Li.. -
27MS ClassesPhone No:9616824344 or 941564431, Location: MG Marg, Bairhana.. -
28Rational academyPhone No:971640870, Location: Chintamani road, Georg.. -
29Chandra ClassPhone No:936961924, Location: Ghazi Pur Road, Allahbad.. -
30VIRAT ACADEMYPhone No:532-2090204 or 941563868, Location: Haistings Road, Ashok .. -
31Tiwari tutorialPhone No:885867233, Location: Baghambari gaddi, Alla.. 2001
32ARS TutorialsPhone No:532-6456467 or 993523434, Location: L N Road, Tagore Town.. -
33Abhilasha tutorialsPhone No:828547916, Location: Hashimpur road, Tagore.. -
34Power Solution TutorialsPhone No:9919442726 or 885894962, Location: Allahabad, Teliyarganj.. 2000
35Elite's EducationPhone No:9721530053 or 969685424, Location: G T Road, Pura Mufti.. 2015
36Om Coaching CentrePhone No:860486458, Location: Bisahijan Kala, Meja R.. 2005
37Meja Public SchoolPhone No:933633890, Location: Adhiyari Nagar, Meja R.. 2006

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