Best JNTU Hyderabad Books For Electronics And Communication Engineering

Best JNTU Hyderabad Books For Electronics And Communication Engineering In 2016-2017

Hi guys, you are most welcome to land on this page. I tried to compile best combination of local as well as standard author book which will help to score good in JNTU Hyderabad. The book which is written first in list is most useful book and better than second one mentioned in the following list. Best JNTU Hyderabad Books For Electronics And Communication EngineeringI have tried to mention one standard book, if there is no useful local author book for particular subject. This below list of book mentioned based on priority and seeing your future career ahead and it is applicable for JNTU Hyderabad .

I have summaries some important point which will help you to score high in JNTU Hyderabad which are following.

  1. There are some difficult subjects which are, Electrical engineering and Maths so give more time to get good score on this subject.
  2. 10 year solved paper is must. You’ll see that how the questions pattern is. Must solve all previous year paper before appearing in the exam. Most of the times, question are repeated and will be asked in exam so practice those questions.
  3. Always remember that apart from standard books, you have to study from few reference books.
  4. There are some scoring subject like Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics and Electronics Engineering so focus on these subject to score good.
  5. If you want to score in mathematics, always practice, practice and only practice don’t think I will solve in exam.

Best JNTU Hyderabad Books For Electronics And Communication Engineering

Book NameYear/SemesterLocal Author For JNTU-HText Book For JNTU-HReference Book For JNTU-H
EnglishI YEAR‘English Essentials’ by Ravindra Publications Epitome of Wisdom, Published by Maruthi Publications, Guntur Technical Communication by Daniel Riordan.
Mathematics -II YEAR Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal, Khanna Publishers Engineering Mathematics – I by T.K. V. Iyengar
Mathematical MethodsI YEARDr. A. Ramakrishna Prasad
Engineering Chemistry I YEARJAYAVEERA Engineering Chemistry by R.P. Mani Engineering Chemistry by B. Siva Shankar
Computer Programming I YEARMittal A Structured Programming Approach Using C, B.A.Forouzan Computer Programming & Data Structures, E.Balagurusamy
Engineering Drawing I YEARBasant Agrawal N.D. BhattEngineering Graphics. P I Varghese TMH
Computer Programming Lab.I YEAR C programming and Data Structures, P. Padmanabham Mastering C, K.R. Venugopal and S.R. Prasad, TMH
Engineering PhysicsI YEAR1. Pillai S O 2.RAJENDRAN Engineering Physics by M.N. Avadhanulu ‘Engineering Physics’ by D.K.Bhattacharya
Engineering Chemistry LabI YEAR Practical Engineering Chemistry by K. Mukkanti, etal R. N. Goyal and Harrmendra Goel
English Language Communication Skills LabI YEAR‘Strengthen your Communication Skills’ Part-A by Maruthi Publications Suresh Kumar, E. & Sreehari, P. 2009 Lab Manual- cumWork Book”, published by Cengage Learning India Pvt. Ltd
IT WorkshopI YEARComputer Fundamentals, Anita Goel, Pearson Essential Computer and IT Fundamentals for Engineering and Science Students, Dr. N.B. Venkateswarlu. Introduction to Information Technology, ITL Education Solutions limited
Engineering WorkshopI YEARComputer Fundamentals, Anita Goel, Pearson Work shop Manual - P.Kannaiah
Mathematics - IIIII YEAR I SEMESTERDr. A. Ramakrishna Prasad Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. B.S. Grewal, Khanna Publishers Engineering Mathematics-3 By T.K.V.Iyengar
Probability Theory and Stochastic ProcessesII YEAR I SEMESTER Probability, Random Variables & Random Signal Principles - Peyton Z. Peebles Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes – Athanasios Papoulis TMH
Switching Theory and Logic DesignII YEAR I SEMESTERBhanu Bhaskara Digital Design- Morris Mano, PHI, 3rd Edition Introduction to Switching Theory and Logic Design – Fredriac J. Hill, Gerald R. Peterson, 3rd Ed
Electrical CircuitsII YEAR I SEMESTERA Sudhakar Electric Circuits - A.Chakrabarhty, Dhanipat Rai & Sons Engineering Circuit Analysis - William Hayt
Electronic Devices and CircuitsII YEAR I SEMESTERA P Godse Millman’s Electronic Devices and Circuits – J. Millman, C.C.Halkias 1.Electronic Devices and Circuits – R.L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky,2.Integrated Electronics – J. Millman and Christos C. Halkias,
Signals and SystemsII YEAR I SEMESTERSanjay Sharma Signals, Systems & Communications - B.P. Lathi1.Signals & Systems - Simon Haykin 2.Signals and Signals – Iyer and K. Satya Prasad,
Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab.II YEAR I SEMESTER
Basic Simulation Lab.II YEAR I SEMESTERBhaskara
Principles of Electrical Engineering II YEAR II SEMESTERA. Sudhakar
Electronic Circuit AnalysisII YEAR II SEMESTERSanjay Sharma Integrated Electronics- J. Millman and C.C. Halkias, Electronic Devices and Circuits Theory – Robert L. Boylestad
Pulse and Digital CircuitsII YEAR II SEMESTERSuryaprakash Rao Mothiki Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveforms - J. Millman Pulse and Digital Circuits – A. Anand Kumar
Environmental StudiesII YEAR II SEMESTERJoseph Environmental Studies by R. Rajagopalan, Text Book of Environmental Studies by Deeshita Dave
Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission LinesII YEAR II SEMESTERU A Bakshi
Digital Design using Verilog HDLII YEAR II SEMESTER
Electrical Technology Lab.II YEAR II SEMESTER
Electronic Circuits and Pulse Circuits Lab.II YEAR II SEMESTERRao Salivahanan
Control Systems EngineeringIII YEAR I SEMESTERU A Bakshi Control Systems Engineering – by I. J. Nagrath Modern Control Engineering – by Katsuhiko Ogata
Computer Organization and Operating SystemsIII YEAR I SEMESTERGodse A
Antennas and Wave PropagationIII YEAR I SEMESTER Antennas for All Applications – John D. Kraus and Ronald J. Antennas and Wave Propagation – K.D. Prasad
Electronic Measurements and InstrumentationIII YEAR I SEMESTER Electronic instrumentation, second edition - H.S.Kalsi, Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations by K. Lal Kishore,
Analog CommunicationsIII YEAR I SEMESTER 1.Principles of Communication Systems – H Taub & D. Schilling 2.Communication Systems – B.P. Lathi, BS Publication Principles of Communication Systems - Simon Haykin, John Wiley
Linear and Digital IC ApplicationsIII YEAR I SEMESTERBakshi U A
Analog Communications Lab.III YEAR I SEMESTER
IC Applications and HDL Simulation Lab.III YEAR I SEMESTER
Managerial Economics and Financial AnalysisIII YEAR II SEMESTERAryasri Dr. N. Appa Rao, Dr. P. Vijay Kumar: ‘Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis’, Cengage Publications V. Maheswari : Managerial Economics, Sultan Chand.
Open Elective:Human Values and Professional EthicsIII YEAR II SEMESTER
Open Elective:Disaster ManagementIII YEAR II SEMESTER
Open Elective:Intellectual Property RightsIII YEAR II SEMESTER Deborah E.Bouchoux: “Intellectual Property”. Cengage learning , New Delhi
Digital CommunicationsIII YEAR II SEMESTERJ S Chitode Digital communications - Simon Haykin Modern Analog and Digital Communication – B.P.Lathi, Oxford reprint, 3rd edition, 2004.
VLSI DesignIII YEAR II SEMESTERBagad V Essentials of VLSI Circuits and Systems By Kamran EshraghianVLSI Design By A.Albert Raj & T.Latha,PHI Learning Private Limited
Microprocessors and MicrocontrollersIII YEAR II SEMESTERA P Godse N.Sentil Kumar, M.Saravanan, S.Jeevananthan, “Microprocessors and Microcontrollers”, Oxford University Press, 2010. Krishna Kant, “Microprocessors and Microcontrollers”, PHI Publications, 2010.
Digital Signal ProcessingIII YEAR II SEMESTERS Salivahanan 1. Digital Signal Processing, Principles, Algorithms, and Applications: John G. Proakis 2. Digital Signal Processing – K Raja Rajeswari, I.K. International Publishing HouseDigital Signal Processing: Andreas Antoniou, TATA McGraw Hill
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab.III YEAR II SEMESTER
Digital Signal Processing Lab.III YEAR II SEMESTER
Management ScienceIV YEAR I SEMESTER A Aryasri Kumar/Rao/Chhalill ‘Introduction to Management Science’ Koontz & Weihrich: ‘Essentials of Management’ TMH
Microwave EngineeringIV YEAR I SEMESTERM.L.Sisodia Microwave Devices and Circuits – Samuel Y. Liao Foundations for Microwave Engineering – R.E. Collin, IEEE Press,
Computer NetworksIV YEAR I SEMESTERBagad V S 1. Computer Networks — Andrew S Tanenbaum 2. Data Communications and Networking – Behrouz A. Forouzan.Third Edition TMH An Engineering Approach to Computer Networks-S.Keshav, 2nd Edition,Pearson Education.
Cellular and Mobile CommunicationsIV YEAR I SEMESTER Mobile Cellular Telecommunications – W.C.Y. Lee,TMH Wireless and Mobile Communications – Lee McGraw Hills, 3rd Edition
Elective -I:Digital Image ProcessingIV YEAR I SEMESTERRafael C. Gonzalez
Elective -I:Multimedia and Signal CodingIV YEAR I SEMESTER
Elective -I:Object Oriented Programming through JavaIV YEAR I SEMESTERRamesh Vasappanavara
Elective -II:Television EngineeringIV YEAR I SEMESTER
Elective -II:Optical Communications IV YEAR I SEMESTER
Elective -II:Embedded Systems DesignIV YEAR I SEMESTER
Elective -II:Advanced Communication Skills LabIV YEAR I SEMESTER
Elective -II:Microwave Engineering and Digital Communications LabIV YEAR I SEMESTERM.L.Sisodia
Elective -III:Satellite CommunicationsIV YEAR II SEMESTER
Elective -III:Biomédical InstrumentationIV YEAR II SEMESTER
Elective -III:Artificial Neural NetworksIV YEAR II SEMESTER Neural Netwroks, Fuzy logic , Gnenetic algorithms: synthesis and applications by Rajasekharan Neural and Fuzzy Systems: Foundation, Architectures and Applications, - N. Yadaiah
Elective -IV:Telecommunication Switching Systems and NetworksIV YEAR II SEMESTER Telecommunication Switching Systems and Networks- Thiagarajan Viswanathan, 2000, PHI.
Elective -IV:Radar SystemsIV YEAR II SEMESTER
Elective -IV:Network SecurityIV YEAR II SEMESTERWilliam Stallings Cryptography & Network Security: Principles and Practices, William Stallings, PEA, Sixth edition Everyday Cryptography, Fundamental Principles & Applications, Keith Martin, Oxford.
Elective -V:Wireless Communications and NetworksIV YEAR II SEMESTER
Elective -V:Digital Signal Processors and ArchitecturesIV YEAR II SEMESTER B.Venkataramani, M.Bhaskar, TATA McGraw Hill
Elective -V:RF Circuit DesignIV YEAR II SEMESTER
Industry Oriented Mini ProjectIV YEAR II SEMESTER
Comprehensive VivaIV YEAR II SEMESTER

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