Will a child get confused between the real world and the digital world?

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Will a child get confused between the real world and the digital world?

Will a child get confused between the real world and the digital world?

With the development of technology many things have changed for Kids and adults. The online world and the real world both play an important part in the child’s life.

Virtual life gives them a chance to explore and be innovative and the real world gives them a chance to be interactive through their physical presence.

Kids can differentiate between both worlds if they get to experience it early in their childhood. By the time they reach teenage their concepts are clear.

There are different forms of human interaction, some are online and some are offline. There is definitely a difference between a physical presence or talking to someone physically, then talking to a person on social media (messages). The differences however, don’t constitute two levels of reality. One is more real than the other.

The internet is not the only place where children encounter non realities. They also encounter imagination in the games they play with friends and stories of fantasy worlds. One great example of a fantasy world is binge reading the story book  “Harry Potter “or they act like star wars , power puff girls etc….

Earlier everyone had an opinion that television will ruin children’s brain development .But with time people have eventually learnt to differentiate between TV and Reality. If parents can discuss and explain the difference to their children then online learning can start from early childhood.

If the TV has not created any difference between the real and digital world, how can the internet do it?

The parents must of course keep a watch and control over social media, but shouldn’t restrict their child from exploring it under safe supervision.

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