Village Girl Annu Gupta from Kaimur Bhabua, One of the Best Wrestler in India, Need Your Support

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Village Girl Annu Gupta from Kaimur Bhabua, One of the Best Wrestler in India, Need Your Support

Guys, Today somebody has shared a video on social media and I saw that video. After knowing reality that she is very famous and politician/local leader come forward to take selfie with her but in reality she is so poor that she is not having sufficient amount to complete her diet. You guys know how much diet is important in wrestling.

Annu Gupta Medal But Financially Need Support

If you have some time to know her story please see below video completely. Yes, this is not her fault and fault is that she belongs to poor family. Her fault is she has big dream but not able to achieve because of her poverty. She requested so many times to allow for practice from district level authority but it was denied because she is girl and Akhada is only for boys in kaimur district and no arrangement is taken by concern authority to facilitate for her practice. She fought so many times with boys for her practice.

Annu Gupta Struggling Story Start Practice With Boys

It is very pathetic condition in Bihar that there is not good Akhada for national player as she reported and she want to go in other state for practice but Bihar government is not supporting.  Please request to share this article as much as possible so at least Bihar concern authority can read this article and help her.

Annu Gupta Poverty and her life

This girl belongs to poor family and she won so many awards from Bihar and she participated so many times on national level.

Annu Gupta Wrestler Won So Many Awards

This is very difficult time for her and she is having ambition and proved so many times in front of government but she is struggling because system is so complex in sports.

I personally chat with her and talk and asked some basic question. You won so many awards and you represented Bihar and big promises we are seeing in news paper, Picture taken with local leader/MLA and you represented so many times to Bihar but why Bihar government cannot provide one hostel for you to practice even we saw in new paper that you become coach. But reality is that in her district level also she is not getting any support for her diet. There is a lot of things to write about her but guys I am leaving with her some award she won and why today each and every news channel chasing to take her interview but in reality nobody is coming forward to support her financially.

Annu Gupta Award From Local MLA

Finally she is ready to share account. I mentioned her account number to support such talent who is not able to fulfill her dream because she belongs from poor family.

These are some beautiful picture and video of Annu Gupta

Please subscribe Annu Gupta YouTube Channel to morally support.

Request To Like Annu Gupta Face book Page to Support Morally

Know About Her Struggling Story So many news channel has cover her struggling story, I can not publish her all video covered by news channel but attaching some video 

If you want to donate her, you can contribute in her account, small contribution can make difference for her and she can fulfil her dream:

Name : Annu Gupta
Account No: 2374000100148565
IFSC Code: PUNB0237400

You can donate by using Phone Pe Account: 6204892523: Phone Pay App Link:

Know About Her Story In YouTube

Annu Awarded By Kulapati G. B. College Champion Ramgarh

बिहार केसरी प्रतियोगिता में अनु ने गोल्ड जीत जिले का बढ़ाया मान

Award For Annu Gupta Wrestler From Vidhayak

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