Top Medical College Ranking In Visakhapatnam 2016-2017

Top Medical College Ranking In Visakhapatnam

There are number of Medical College in Visakhapatnam that offer quality services to students. Top Medical College Ranking In has been at the front runner when it comes to helping you find the best Medical College. We have presently started working in finding Top Medical College in Visakhapatnam for this year also and presented list of Top Medical College. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best Medical College in Visakhapatnam city but I can Say, It is indicator for students to help in choosing most appropriate Medical College in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top Medical College:

  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like faculty, fee structure, adequate infrastructure, learning, location, and performance of students in the past years and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated Medical College in Visakhapatnam along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, Medical College Name, Area and Details.

Top Medical College Ranking In Visakhapatnam:

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RankingCollege NameAreaDetails
1Pydah Educational Institutions (Corporate Office)Rednam Gardens Phone No: +918912573213 or +919948155755 Address: Rednam Gardens, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530002, Opp Rythu Bazar Gopalapatnam Year of Establishment: 2006
2Gitam Dental College & HospitalRushikonda Phone No: +918912840219 or +919246630370 Address: Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530045, Gandhinagar Campus, Gandhi Nagar Year of Establishment: 2008
3Andhra Medical CollegeMaharanipeta Phone No: +918912563413 or +919849903050 Address: Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530002 Year of Establishment: awaited
4NRI Institute Of Medical SciencesSangivalasa Phone No: +918933226900 or +919347139822 Address: Sangivalasa, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 531162, Bheemunipatnam Taluka, Near Anils Engineering College Year of Establishment: 2012
5Yalamarty CollegesSuryabagh Phone No: +919849116444 Address: H, Pin Code:No 28-11-7, Lodge Sri Raghavendra Bldg, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530020, Suryabagh Year of Establishment: awaited
6Yalamarty collegesAnandapuram Phone No: +919849116444 Address: Door No 1-49, Yalamarty Nagar, Anandapuram, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530052, Tarluwada Year of Establishment: 2004
7Visakha Institute Of Technoloogy & ScienceAnadapuram Phone No: +91891202168 or +919491022101 Address: Vits Campus, Anadapuram, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530042, Sontyam Village Year of Establishment: 2008
8Gitam College Of Medical & HospitalYendada Phone No: +918912840362 Address: Rushikonda Gandhi Nagar, Yendada, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530045 Year of Establishment: awaited
9Gayatri Vidya Prasihad College Of EngineeringMadhurawada Phone No: +918912811507 Address: Madurawada, P.m.p. Colony, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530041 Year of Establishment: awaited
10Bethesda Institute Of Health SciencesMvp Colony Phone No: +918912532727 or +919246620384 Address: Door No 1-57-1/2 Plot No 226 Sector II, Mvp Colony, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530017, Near Emmanuel Luthern Church New Venkoji Palem Year of Establishment: awaited
11Yelamarthy Pharmacy CollegeVisakhapatnam Airport Phone No: +91891200101 or +919949482877 Address: Visakhapatnam Airport, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530009, Yelamarthy Nagar Tarulawada Year of Establishment: awaited
12Visakha Academy Of Para Medical Sciences CollegeDaba Gardens Phone No: +918912500888 Address: 30-7-15, Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530020 Year of Establishment: awaited
13Dr.g.bagya RaoMaharanipeta Phone No: +918912566788 or +919848061116 Address: Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530002, Opp. Kgh Main Gate, Year of Establishment: awaited
14Ddr Para Medical CollegeOld Bus Stand Phone No: +918912535337 or +919299318532 Address: Thomsonstreet, Old Bus Stand, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530001, Near Old Post Office Year of Establishment: awaited
15Yalamarty CollegesMvp Colony Phone No: +918912526303 or +919849116444 Address: Plot No, Pin Code:55, Dno:1-46-1/3,Hig, Mvp Colony, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530017, Sector-1,Mvp Colony,Near Venkojipalem Petrol Bunk Year of Establishment: awaited
16Vizag Institute Of Paramedical SciencesMvp Colony Phone No: awaited Address: 51/11, Mvp Colony, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530017 Year of Establishment: awaited
17Sri Swathi Vasanthi Industrial Training CentreMvp Colony Phone No: +918912738622 or +919246620906 Address: Mvp Colony, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530017, Sector 5, Opposite Ttd Kalyana Mandapam, Beside Siva Ram Sweets Year of Establishment: awaited
18Sri Chaitanya Engineering & Medical CollegeAsilmetta Phone No: +918916662588 Address: Door No 9-1-257, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530003, Above Mvs Jewellery Year of Establishment: awaited
19Siddhartha School Of NursingGajuwaka Phone No: +918912758555 or +919247496526 Address: Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530026, Near Krishnaveni Hospital Chaitanya Nagar Year of Establishment: awaited
20S V V J CollegeMaddilapalem Phone No: +918916559899 Address: Maddilapalem Main Road, Nh-5, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530013, Near Maddilapalem Bus Depot Year of Establishment: awaited
21Pavani Paramedical CollegeAkkayyapalem Phone No: +918912737108 or +919848358169 Address: 49-34-25, Akkayyapalem, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530016 Year of Establishment: awaited
22Pavani Nursing HomeAkkayapelem Phone No: +918912725275 Address: 49-34-25, Akkayapelem, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530016, Main Road Year of Establishment: awaited
23KRIPAKAMAL COLLEGE OF Paramedical SCIENCESVisakhapatnam Airport Phone No: 08932222378 Address: Visakhapatnam Airport, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530009, Kondala Agraharam Year of Establishment: awaited
24Jagannadha Institute Of Medical SciencesMaddilapalem Phone No: +918916559889 or 6888779 Address: 1st & 2nd Floor, Main Road, Nh 5, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530013, Opposite Kalabhaathi Road, Near Rtc Bus Depot Pitapuram Colony Year of Establishment: awaited
25Beulah Institute Of Health SciencesGopalapatnam Phone No: +918912567035 or +919848298784 Address: 28-7-95, Gopalapatnam, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530027 Year of Establishment: awaited
26Andhra Medical CollegeVizag Phone No: +918912561157 Address: Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Pin Code: 530020 Year of Establishment: awaited

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