Top IAS Tutorials Ranking In Kolkata 2016-2017

Top IAS Tutorials Ranking In Kolkata has been at the front runner when it comes to helping you find the best Tutorial. Top IAS Tutorials Ranking In KolkataThere are number of IAS Tutorials in Kolkata that offer quality services to students. We have presently started working in finding Top Tutorials in Kolkata for this year also and presented list of Top Tutorials. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best IAS Tutorials in Kolkata city but I can Say, It is indicator for students to help in choosing most appropriate tutorials in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top IAS Tutorials:

  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like fee structure, location, adequate infrastructure, faculty, learning and performance of students in the past years and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated IAS Tutorials in Kolkata along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, Tutorials Name, Area and Details.

Top IAS Tutorials Ranking In Kolkata:

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RankingTutorial NameAreaDetails
1Sree Laxmi Educare Teachers Bureau Phone No: +913364571016 or +919831094677 Address: 21, Dinesh Pally, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700070, Beside SBI ATM And Near Jayshree Market Year of Establishment: 2000
2Vinson Ias Phone No: +913333015656 Address: 26b, Neelkanth Building, Flat 1c, Camac Street, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700016, Near Vardaan Market Year of Establishment: 2010
3Govex India Phone No: +919836287899 or 9831677726 Address: 125, Anurag Building, 2nd Floor, Rashbehari Avenue (Near Deshapriya Park), Kolkata, Pin Code: 700029, Near City Style Year of Establishment: 2010
4Institute For Inspiration And Self DevelopmentSalt Lake City Sector 3 Phone No: +913333021624 Address: Block IB 200/1, Salt Lake City Sector 3, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700106, Next To Columbia Asia Hospital Year of Establishment: 2006
5I StudyBangur Avenue Phone No: +919836733221 Address: 562, Lake Town Complex, Jessore Road, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700055, Behind Apollo Diagnostic Centre Year of Establishment: 2005
6Institute For Civil Service AspirantsSalt Lake City Sector 1 Phone No: +913323346695 or +919830348539 Address: Db 17, 1st Floor, Salt Lake City Sector 1, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700064, Near City Centre 1 Year of Establishment: 2007
7BHAKTI INSTITUTEBaguihati Phone No: +913333018108 Address: 1st Floor, Baguiati VIP Road, Baguihati, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700059, Opp Baguiati Market Complex Year of Establishment: 2001
8High Definition Phone No: +919903890092 or 9883182671 Address: 4,B Block, Lake Town, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700089, Near Lake Plaza Year of Establishment: 2011
9Apti Plus Academy For Civil Services Phone No: +913360507778 or +918100877228 Address: Bf-234 Sec-1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700064, Near Baishakhi More Year of Establishment: 2000
10Impulse Phone No: +913324756644 or +919903582403 Address: 1/1 B, Hazra Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700026, Near Hazra More Year of Establishment: 2013
11The Merit Institute Phone No: +913333019361 Address: 9/1 C, M.G Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700014, Near Chhabi Ghar Cinema Hall Year of Establishment: 2008
12R N R Ias Phone No: +913333017927 Address: 932A/39 Green Park, Block A, Jessore Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700048, Near Radhe Krishna Mandir Year of Establishment: 2015
13PREPARATION IAS ACADEMY Phone No: +913333024853 Address: 1/39/2, 2nd Floor, R K Mission Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700056, Near Jatin DAS School Year of Establishment: 2011
14Bright Future Institute Phone No: +913324259495 or +919830739506 Address: G 53, Baghajatin, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700086, Opposite To Big Bazar (Ganguly Bagan) Year of Establishment: 2011
15Torsa Institute Of Management & Science Phone No: +913365401880 or +919748443054 Address: 3rd Floor,Axis Bank Bldg, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700129, Near. Madhyamgram Chowmatha Year of Establishment: 2012
16Civil Services Study CentreSalt Lake City Sector 3 Phone No: +913323410109 or +919433048654 Address: C/O A T I, Salt Lake City Sector 3, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700106 Year of Establishment: 2014
17Carrier Point Phone No: +919163265518 or 9831238587 Address: 68, Jatindra Mohan Avenue (Near Shova Bazar), Kolkata, Pin Code: 700005, Beside- Shovabazar Metro Station Year of Establishment: 2009
18Sankar Chanda Phone No: +919836222757 Address: 61, Moore Avenue, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700040, Gachh Tola Spencers Year of Establishment: 2010
19Centre For Quality Study Phone No: +913333018225 Address: LP 213/42/21, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700152, Near Kolkata Public School Year of Establishment: 2010
20Souvik TutorialKasba Phone No: +919038729251 or 9163883957 Address: 93/1A, 2nd floor, Bose Pukur Road, Kasba, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700042, Near Bose Pukur Bazaar Year of Establishment: 2003
21knowledge A Path of SuccessEntally Phone No: +913322171224 or +919831199647 Address: 15c, Sambhu Babu Lane, Entally, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700014, Opp- State Bank Of India Year of Establishment: 2008
22The Professional EducareRaja Ram Mohan Roy Sarani Phone No: +918481020848 Address: 53, Raja Dinendra Street, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Sarani, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700009, Opposite Manicktalla Telephone Exchange Year of Establishment: 2010
23Akademos Phone No: +913322848200 or +919830552304 Address: 8, Dr Sundari Mohan Avenue, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700014, Near Park Circus Year of Establishment: awaited
24Success Phone No: +919674493673 Address: Ground Floor, Amropali Apartment, 8/1 E Naktala Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700047, Naktala Pallymangal Samity Year of Establishment: 2010
25Aditi Palit Phone No: +919836736715 Address: 84, Motilal Nehru Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700029, Deshapriya Park Year of Establishment: 2008
26Classical Tutorials Phone No: +913332612557 or +918296019479 Address: Kalipark, Narayanpur, Sunil Roy Sarani, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700136, Near Kalipark Multigym Year of Establishment: 2006
27Blossom College of Competitive Exam Phone No: +919681942418 or 9433059252 Address: 597, Parnasree Palli Road(Behala Parnasree Bus Stand), Kolkata, Pin Code: 700060, Near Medisearch Poly Clinic Year of Establishment: awaited
28Shyambazar Coaching Centre Phone No: +913330591880 Address: 16/1, Bhabanath Sen Street, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700004, Beside Bata Bagbazar Year of Establishment: 2010
29Lakshya Phone No: +919883049436 or 9903086399 Address: 60/17, Gouribari Lane, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700004 Year of Establishment: awaited
30MIND Phone No: +919831638316 or 9674382316 Address: 39, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700071, Beside Ispat Bhavan,Near Maidan Metro Station Year of Establishment: 2014
31Bengal Institute For Career Training And Fundamental Research Phone No: +919831237736 or 9831042144 Address: 36c,F 1 Om Tower, B T Rd, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700002, Opp Rabindra Bharati University Year of Establishment: awaited
32Cosmos Acadamy Phone No: +919830832426 or 9830786825 Address: 21/1f LAL Vila, Fern Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700019 Year of Establishment: awaited
33Tuitionway Phone No: +919836716996 or 8697943799 Address: 246, Neatji Colony, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700090, Near Bt Road Tobin Road Year of Establishment: 2013
34SG ACADEMICS Phone No: +919883391341 or 8697377242 Address: SAILENDRA SISHU NIKETAN, 5A CHETLA CENTRAL ROAD, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700026, BESIDE KMC WARD NO. 82 Year of Establishment: awaited
35Nexus Educational InitiativeBehala Phone No: +919830220071 or 9830798208 Address: Bidyasagar Biponi, 2nd floor, 514/2 D.H.Road, Behala, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700034, Behala Tram Depot Year of Establishment: awaited
36PreperationBelgharia Phone No: awaited Address: 1/39/2, 2nd Floor, Ram Krishna Mission Road, Belgharia, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700056, Near Jatin Das High School Year of Establishment: 2009
37AIM TUTORIALS Phone No: +918961809549 Address: PANCHANANTALA, D H ROAD, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700063, PANCHANANTALA TEMPLE Year of Establishment: awaited
38Subhashis Chatterjee Phone No: +913325682850 or +919874944674 Address: C.m.d.a Nagar Housing Complex ,Flat C4/122, Barrackpur Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700121, Near Wireless Gate Year of Establishment: 1989
39The Professional Tutors Phone No: +913324425535 or +919748556776 Address: PTUTORS, 91/39H Bose Pukur Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700042, Bose Pukur Masjid Year of Establishment: awaited
40Vivekananda Institute of competitive Exams Phone No: +913364505075 or +919230130119 Address: R.N Avenue,Sodepur,beside 4 no platform, behind Time house shop, R.N Avenue, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700110, Time house Shop Year of Establishment: 2012
41Civil Services Audio Notes . com Phone No: +913333018585 Address: 33, Chowringee Road,, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700089 Year of Establishment: 2012
42George School Of Competitive ExamsBowbazar Phone No: +913340643467 or +919674087465 Address: George Telegraph, Bipin Behari Ganguly Street, Bowbazar, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700012, Near Koley Market Year of Establishment: 2007
43Career Care Phone No: +919831153696 Address: 56b, Sri Gopal Mallik Lane, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700012, PNB Gali Year of Establishment: awaited
44Shome Institute Of Competitive Exam Phone No: +919804352196 Address: Baguihati, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700001 Year of Establishment: awaited
45BI Competitive ClassesEsplanade Phone No: +913322102810 or +918697237981 Address: 13/1 A, Government Place East, Esplanade, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700069, Near Great Eastern Hotel Year of Establishment: 1935
46Academy For Higher Services Phone No: +913322177827 Address: 10th Flr,Chatterjee Intl Centre, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700071 Year of Establishment: awaited
47Presidencian Institute of Superior EducationKankurgachi Phone No: +918100484081 Address: Somdip Apartment, 1st floor, 35/D, Bagmari Road, Kankurgachi. Kolkata 700054., Kankurgachi, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700054, Near Purwanchal Vidyamandir school Year of Establishment: awaited
48Bose Academy Of Career AdvancementLala Lajpat RAI Sarani Phone No: awaited Address: 2/7, 6th Floor, Vasundhara Building, Sarat Bose Road, Lala Lajpat RAI Sarani, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700020 Year of Establishment: awaited
49Bidesh Biswas Phone No: +919830924969 Address: 229 b b block sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700064, near p n b Year of Establishment: awaited
50Knowledge Forum Phone No: +913340040633 or +919831216896 Address: Ae 676,Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700064, Near By Quality Bus Stand Year of Establishment: awaited
51Lyceum Phone No: +919831092916 or 9831351795 Address: 31d, South Sinthee Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700050 Year of Establishment: awaited
52Mridul PanDUM DUM Phone No: +919932309881 or 9804843985 Address: Purba Sinthee Road, DUM DUM, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700028 Year of Establishment: 2009
53Kunal Mondal Phone No: +918013950763 Address: A-27, Raja S C Mallick Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700032, Near Sulekha More Year of Establishment: awaited
54Toton Ghosh Phone No: +918961461096 Address: Raja S C Mullick Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700032, Sukanta Setu Sulekha Year of Establishment: 2012
55XamPaper.INAgarpara Phone No: +917044257060 Address: Agarpara, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700109 Year of Establishment: awaited
56Training and Research Institute TRIThakurpukur Phone No: +919830937019 Address: P-74, Thakurpukur Road, Thakurpukur, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700063, ranganathpur Year of Establishment: 2015
57Camellia College Of Competitive Examination Phone No: +919051954697 or 8420078298 Address: Rashbihari School Road, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700124, Opposite 5 Rail Platform Year of Establishment: 2005
58I A S Strategy Center Phone No: +919883187978 Address: 24/1, Asutosh Mukherjee Lane, Howrah, Pin Code: 711106 Year of Establishment: 1998
59IAS Study Circle Phone No: +913326631065 or +919433982452 Address: 2/3, Rajendra Avenue, Hooghly, Pin Code: 712258 Year of Establishment: awaited
60Gyan Preet AcademyDankuni Phone No: +918961759464 or 9804302150 Address: 8 No Rail Gate, T N Mukherjee Road, Dankuni, Hooghly, Pin Code: 712331, Near, Pin Code:Dankuni Rail Gate Year of Establishment: 2015
60Gyan Preet AcademyDankuni Phone No: +918961759464 or 9804302150 Address: 8 No Rail Gate, T N Mukherjee Road, Dankuni, Hooghly, Pin Code: 712331, Near, Pin Code:Dankuni Rail Gate Year of Establishment: 2015

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