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Top CBSE Schools Ranking In Bhubaneswar In 2016-2017

Top CBSE Schools Ranking In Bhubaneswar

Dear Parents, TopRanker4U.com has been at the front runner when it comes to helping you find the best schools for your kids. There are a number of CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar that offer quality schooling services to students.Top CBSE Schools Ranking In Bhubaneswar We have presently started working in finding Top Schools in Bhubaneswar for this year also and presented list of Top Schools. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar city but I can Say, It is indicator for parent to help in choosing most appropriate school in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top CBSE School:

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Best CBSE School Rank City Wise
  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like  fee structure, location, Board exam result, adequate infrastructure, learning, and performance of students in the past years, faculty, boarding vs. Day school program, entrance criteria, sports or co-curricular activities, exposure to national platforms and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, School Name, Contact Details and Date of establishment.

Top CBSE Schools Ranking In Bhubaneswar:

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 If you want to search, School Name or Location of School, Just Type in Search Box, Given Above table.


RankingSchool NameContact DetailsEstd.
1SAI International School674-3249966, 9338808281 Industrial Estate, Inf.. N.A.
2Times Scholars Gurukul674-6510236, 9777441650 Mallipada, Bhubaneswar.. 2005
3Kiit International School674-2742103, 9937220263 Patia, Kiit.. 2007
4D A V Public School9337103714 Sailashree Vihar.. N.A.
5O D M Public School674-2744116, 9861365113 Infocity Road, Kiit.. N.A.
6Mothers Public School674-2531550, 9937006342 Near Indoor Hall, Bapu.. N.A.
7D A V Public School674-2386185, 2386335 Kalinga Nagar, Bhubane.. N.A.
8Buxi Jagabandhu English Medium...674-2310457, 2310442 Plot No M/15, BJB Naga.. N.A.
9D A V Public School674-2340656, 9338797857 Garage Chhak, Old Bhub.. 1992
10ST Xaviers International School674-31999071 Nandankanan Main Road,.. N.A.
11Sainik School674-2581845, 2581644 V S S Nagar, Bhubanesw.. N.A.
12Kendriya Vidyalaya674-2550822 Crpf Campus, Crp Lines.. 1992
13Dav Public School674-2401328 Unit 8, Nayapalli.. N.A.
14Takshila School674-2555727, 9937222225 Nayapalli, Irc Village.. N.A.
15Dav School Of Business Management674-2391328, 2391723 Unit -VIII, Nayapalli.. N.A.
16Prabhujee English Medium School674-2589659, 2589141 Vss Nagar, Sahid Nagar.. N.A.
17D A V Public School Ghatikia, .. N.A.
18St Xaviers High School674-2384512, 9870685657 Police Station, Khanda.. 1995
19DAV Public School674-2352392 Pokhariput Aerodrome, .. 1992
20ST.Xaviers Public School674-3296263, 9337102963 Kedargouri Vihar, Keda.. 2005
21Guidance English Medium School674-2471190 Phase-1 Market, Dumdum.. N.A.
22Future Bhubaneshwar School674-2725949, 8895435444 Industrial Estate, Bhu.. N.A.
23Kendriya Vidyalaya674-2721298, 9437695965 Sailashree Vihar.. N.A.
24Venkateswar English Medium School674-2510014, 6539991 Unit 4, Kharvel Nagar.. N.A.
25Venkateswar English Medium School674-2594333 Mahatab Road, Bhubanes.. N.A.
26Venkateswar English Medium School674-2743301 Chandrasekharpur, Bhub.. N.A.
27Vikash Residental School674-2384771, 9937975555 Khandagiri Square, Kha.. N.A.
28DAV Public School671-2503443 Market Nagar, Bidanasi N.A.
29Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas674-2284438 Belpada, .. N.A.
30Vivekananda Shiksha Kendra674-2571153, 9861278142 Budheshwari, Laxmi Sag.. N.A.
31Kendriya Vidyalaya674-2392331 Unit -9, Janpath.. N.A.
32St. Xavier High School9853792541 Nagar, Chandrasekharpu.. 2003
33Maria Montessory School Of Lit...674-2595596, 9437160173 Ganga Nagar, Ganga Nag.. N.A.
34Mc Guffey International School674-6538827, 9861520594 Pahala, Pahal.. N.A.
35Prabhujee English Medium School674-2481559 S S Nagar, Bhubaneshwa.. N.A.
36S N High School674-2325435 Patia, Patia.. N.A.
37Times Gurukul674-6450560, 9437249388 Gothapatna, Khandagiri.. N.A.
38St Xaviers High School674-2740172 Chandrasekharpur.. N.A.
39Hilltop Day Boarding School674-6527107, 9861232644 Surya Nagar, Surya Nag.. N.A.
40Gouri Sankar Abasika English M...9437279258, 9438296282 Sisupalagada, Bhubanes.. N.A.
41Bal sainik Public School9040581066 Sainik School.. N.A.
42Shree Krishna International Sc...674-2470430, 9438312830 Jagannath Mandir, Khan.. N.A.
43st. mary's Little steps school674-2430562, 9437508315 Nageswar Tangi, Old Bh.. 1999
44Radcliffe School674-2350064, 9337001291 Jagamara, Khandagiri.. 2009
45Holy Child Convent674-2116868, 2741576 Patia, .. N.A.
46Ankur Public School9861191969 Near Crown Hotel, IRC .. 2000
47Osap High School674-2301574 Osap Campus, Chandrase.. N.A.
48Royal International School674-3242999, 9778190905 Bjem-II School, Bhuban.. N.A.
49ST.John's English Medium School674-2272640 P O, Ashok Nagar Bhuba.. N.A.
50Saraswati Shishu Mandir674-2592632 Bhimatangi, Kharvel Na.. N.A.
51Kalinga Public School674-2392011 Headquarters, Station .. N.A.
52S.t Xaviers High School8018612564, 8018002651 V.s.s, V S S Nagar.. N.A.
53Bn E M School674-6538785 Jagamara, Khandagiri.. N.A.
54SAI Saraswati Gyana Mandir674-2314581 1684//85, Bjb Nagar.. N.A.
55Maharshi Public School674-2550786, 8270108082 Nayapalli, Irc Village.. N.A.
56M B S Public School674-6533224 Mandir, Bayababa Matha.. N.A.
57Rainbow International School(RIS)9338679728, 9337707872 Phase-II, Kiit.. N.A.
58Spring Doll School674-2520612 Station Square.. N.A.
59Gandhiji Public School674-3291110, 9778739473 Jagamara, Khandagiri.. 2015
60Kiit International School9437807138 Kiit Campus, Kiit.. N.A.
61Times Gurukul674-2532540, 9439330098 Time Guest House, Asho.. N.A.
62Alok English Midium School674-2394582, 9338223263 Unit - 3, Kharvel Naga.. 1984
63Bachpan A Play School9556590972 Kanan Vihar.. N.A.
64Asian International School674-2556560, 9238109155 Near Nayapalli, Irc Vi.. 2008
65Sai Shibani International School674-2567727 21 / 5, Acharya Vihar.. N.A.
66ST Joseph''s English Medium Sc...674-2233458 Post, Bhubaneshwar GPO.. N.A.
67Model English Medium School9437211555 Vss Nagar, Bhubaneswar.. N.A.
68Saint Arnolds School674-2475672, 9437292508 Kalinga Vihar, Palasun.. N.A.
69Radcliffe School, Khandagiri9438132217 Bhubaneshwar, Khandagi.. N.A.
70Tapoban High School674-2472122 Khandagiri Square, Kha.. N.A.
71Azadi Vidyapith674-2741394, 9437678675 Gothapatna, Khandagiri.. 2005
72Vidya Bharat School674-2551196 L 30, Baramunda Colony.. N.A.
73Kishor Suryawanshi Internation...02536450720, 9225130923 Dindori Road, Nashik.. N.A.
74Maharishi Public School674-2558884, 2556225 Nayapalli, Irc Village.. N.A.
75Orleance Public School674-2421310, 9437632638 Kalinga Stadium Rd, Na.. N.A.
76Falguni Blazers8093502625 DAV Roaf, Nayapalli.. 2013
77S V M School9337116792 Rental Area, Bhubanesw.. N.A.
78Kendriya Vidyalaya674-2544130 Ekamra Kanana Road, Cr.. N.A.
79Venkateswar English Medium School674-2544735, 9861172693 Near Infocity Gate, Sa.. N.A.
80St. Xavier High School7377875580 Nagar, Chandrasekharpu.. 2003
81Saraswati Vidya Mandir674-2581851 Vss, Veer Surendra SAI.. N.A.
82Uddan School Of Aviation9238108774, 9237488446 Sahid Nagar, Sahid Nag.. N.A.
83Sun Rise Public School9937014627 Ruchika Market, Baramu.. N.A.
84Satyasai High School674-2394211 Unit 3, Kharvel Nagar.. N.A.
85Alok English Medium School9861750790 Jharpada, Bhubaneshwar.. N.A.
86Morning Glory Public School9437090503, 9937007250 Chandaka, Bhubaneshwar.. 2008
87BN English Medium School Jagamara, Bhubaneshwar.. N.A.
88Brooklyn Play School In Front Of, Chandrase.. N.A.
89Indira English Medium School674-2396860 G Square, Bhubaneshwar.. N.A.
90Orissa Noble School674-6574046, 9938372027 Maitri Vihar, Bhubanes.. N.A.
91East Point Public School674-2582213 Cuttack Puri Road, Ras.. N.A.
92Orissa Brigade School674-2534779 24, Bapuji Nagar.. N.A.
93Times Gurukul CBSE School7894428801 Ashok Nagar., Ashok Na.. N.A.
94Residential Girls High School674-2741332 Niladri Vihar, Palasun.. N.A.
95St Xavier High School9437422467 Main Road, Samantarapu.. N.A.
96St Xaviers High School9437205530, 9437336827 Kalinga Vihar, Patrapa.. N.A.
97Radcliffe School9778855102 Jagamara Khandagiri, .. N.A.
98St. Xavier's Group Of Schools674-2725445 Genesis Villa, .. N.A.
99Little Angles Public School674-3296263, 9337102963 Rajarani Nagar, Bhuban.. N.A.
100Indira English Medium School B/131, Baramunda Colon.. N.A.
101Orissa Public School674-2559764 C/5, Baramunda Colony.. N.A.
102Visionary International School9439005614, 9438550925 Behind Tata Motors, Pa.. N.A.
103St Xavier High School9237344841, 9692268085 Near Auto Stand, Patra.. 2012
104Ambedkar Public School9938832862 Sailashree Vihar, .. N.A.

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