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Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In Maheshtala In 2016-2017

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Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In Maheshtala has been at the frontrunner when it comes to helping you find the best Coaching Center. There are number of CBSE Coaching in Maheshtala that offer quality services to students. Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In MaheshtalaWe have presently started working in finding Top Coaching in Maheshtala for this year also and presented list of Top Coaching Center. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best CBSE Coaching in Maheshtala city but I can Say, It is indicator for students to help in choosing most appropriate coaching in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top CBSE Coaching:

  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like fee structure, location, adequate infrastructure, faculty, learning and performance of students in the past years and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated CBSE Coaching Center in Maheshtala along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, Coaching Name, Contact Details and Date of establishment.

Top CBSE Coaching Ranking In Maheshtala:

Note: If you want to search, Coaching Name or Location of Coaching, Just Type in Search Box, Given Above table.

RankCoaching NameContact DetailsEstd.
1Pathfinder Educational CentrePhone No:33-24551840 or 983165305, Location: S P Mukherjee Road -
2Transition Career SolutionsPhone No:33-3313247, Location: C Bose Road 2009
3Sree Laxmi Educare Teachers...Phone No:33-64571016 or 983109467, Location: Dinesh Pally 2000
4Agarwal ClassesPhone No:9804013136 or 704433309, Location: Vivekananda Road 2007
5Edmiron Technologies Pvt LtdPhone No:33-3302880, Location: Near Apj School 2011
6Pathfinder Educational CentrePhone No:33-24994308 or 983044568, Location: Jodhpur Boys School, J.. 2005
7Mrs Pal TutorialPhone No:9748717815 or 983006201, Location: Pitambar Ghatak Lane 2009
8Eduzone A Unit of Swadeshi Int...Phone No:33-3301559, Location: Southern Avenue 2009
9Diksha Learning Services Pvt LtdPhone No:33-40658338 or 967435099, Location: Hindusthan Park 2011
10Pathfinder Educational CentrePhone No:33-24098282 or 2445719, Location: Diamond Harbour Road 2011
11Abharav EducationPhone No:842022457, Location: Kolkata 2011
12Ranjan Education CentrePhone No:33-3301251, Location: Tollygang Road, Tollyg.. 2010
13Oxford HousePhone No:33-3302363, Location: Ballygunge Place, Ball.. 2005
14Subhrashis Educational CenterPhone No:33-24292370 or 983156472, Location: Main Road, Jodhpur Par.. -
15Rajeev ClassesPhone No:33-3313740, Location: Ekdalia Road, Ballygun.. 2013
16Indo American SocietyPhone No:33-22811942 or 933108428, Location: Camac Street -
17Phoenix Wings To PassionPhone No:844481894, Location: Garia Station Road 2014
18Educational Support CentrePhone No:33-40037072 or 2424369, Location: Deshpran Shasmal Road -
19Teachers And TotPhone No:9831342367 or 983133953, Location: Kolkata -
20Target Education CentrePhone No:33-3302159, Location: Dixon Lane 1997
21English Centre New AliporePhone No:983130336, Location: Mukherjee Sarani, New .. 2005
22Shine TutorialPhone No:9051998136 or 983632489, Location: Hospital Link Road 2004
23Aspirant Institute Engg And Me...Phone No:9804478671 or 990357978, Location: Sarkar Lane 2009
24Little LearnersPhone No:33-3302345, Location: Judges Court Road -
25Academia Study CentrePhone No:9836482275 or 896189304, Location: Amir Ali Avenue, Park .. 2010
26BrainPhone No:33-24860939 or 983174159, Location: Mohan Malabya Sarani 2003
27St Valentine InstitutePhone No:33-24611651 or 900767881, Location: Fern Road, Ballygunge.. 1996
28Srijee Innotech AcademyPhone No:33-3313265, Location: Lake East 4th Road, Sa.. 2001
29TakshyashilaPhone No:33-24661376 or 900789978, Location: South End, Sarat Bose .. -
30EducarePhone No:33-3315756, Location: Benaras Road 1960
31Basic PointPhone No:9903514451 or 943309223, Location: S N Roy Road 2000
32Vani VandanaPhone No:33-3301999, Location: PRINCE BAKTIAR SHAH RO.. 2014
33My Private TutorPhone No:33-24848822 or 983006241, Location: Purbachal Main Road 2002
34Rajib Coaching CentrePhone No:33-24622207 or 983628921, Location: Ganguli Bagan 2010
35Transition Career SolutionsPhone No:33-40000460 or 967435918, Location: C Bose Road 2001
36Gunjan ClassesPhone No:33-3301757, Location: (Near Tollygunge Fari).. 2006
37Partha ClassesPhone No:898137998, Location: Gurusaday Road 2011
38VIDYAPhone No:33-3301491, Location: Bidhan Sarani Crossing.. 2005
39Nics Educational Service Pvt LtdPhone No:33-2465593, Location: Hindustan Park -
40Triveni Mathematics GroupPhone No:33-3315517, Location: Baikuntha Ghosh Road 2010
41Bright TutorialPhone No:9674700706 or 974889997, Location: School Road 2009
42SymbiontPhone No:33-24068860 or 983032188, Location: Pasupati Road, Behala.. -
43D Aliento AcademyPhone No:33-64992900 or 983007095, Location: Orphangunj Road, Alipo.. 2011
44Tanima BanerjeePhone No:933101417, Location: Anwar Shah Road, Jodhp.. 2013
45RainbowPhone No:9830173422 or 914315998, Location: Prince Anwar Shah Road -
46Career PointPhone No:33-32600623 or 983166000, Location: Chowringhee Road -
47Nishi AroraPhone No:33-65147714 or 990398660, Location: Shakespeare Sarani -
48Princep TutorialsPhone No:33-40069278 or 983001698, Location: Main Road -
49Dwaipayan RayPhone No:33-40041472 or 983087078, Location: Santoshpur Avenue, San.. 2000
50ABSB ACADEMYPhone No:33-3315782, Location: Block F, New Alipur.. 2000
51Career LauncherPhone No:33-89027072 or 896153717, Location: nsc bose road -
52House Of EconomicsPhone No:33-24544687 or 983001959, Location: Haldar Para Road 1997
53Mass CommunicationPhone No:33-24669069 or 990309220, Location: Rajani Bhattacharya La.. -
54Sonia SaraogiPhone No:801795872, Location: Near Hindustan Club 2009
55M M Coaching Point Golak Mitra...Phone No:33-24138180 or 983128052, Location: Nabanagar -
56HOMETUTORS2000Phone No:983075723, Location: Kolkata 2000
57A2B Learning SchoolPhone No:33-42001441 or 842001442, Location: Park Street -
58DCA- Dutta Computer AcademyPhone No:727808199, Location: Bibeknagar Road, Santo.. 2014
59Subhankar's ClassesPhone No:33-22262504 or 983012136, Location: Durga Charan Doctor Road 1999
60Sristi tutorialPhone No:33-3302211, Location: Nath Banerjee Road, En.. 2006
61CBSE tuitionsPhone No:983642563, Location: K C avenue, Garia.. 2012
62EduconPhone No:7687861635 or 905119767, Location: Bose Pukur Road, Kasba.. 2004
63Alis Uniworth ClassesPhone No:33-22707655 or 990317711, Location: Road Metro Station) -
64Effective TutionsPhone No:33-3301993, Location: Kalidas Singha Lane 1975
65Path BhawanPhone No:33-2259215, Location: Pathuria Ghat Street -
66Pedagogy Learning SystemPhone No:33-40055205 or 990343442, Location: Chakroborty Para 2012
67E Tutor Home Online Pvt LtdPhone No:974850600, Location: Main, East Kolkata Tow.. 2012
68Lotus Coaching and Creative Ce...Phone No:983049970, Location: Balaram Dey Street, Be.. 2000
69Toppers Study CirclePhone No:33-3302040, Location: Banamali Naskar Road 1999
70Classroom TutorialsPhone No:33-23964446 or 845006444, Location: Mitra Colony, Behala.. -
71I LeapPhone No:33-23990228 or 983616008, Location: Diamond Harbour Road 2013
72Essence Institute Of Soft Skil...Phone No:33-24988272 or 933032532, Location: Bank Colony 2009
73Kinnari Lodge TutorialPhone No:983008815, Location: New Alipur 2012
74Sankar ChandaPhone No:983622275, Location: Moore Avenue 2010
75Debdatta ChaudhuriPhone No:33-24403970 or 974807916, Location: Ekdalia Road 2010
76AcclivityPhone No:801724677, Location: Ballygunge Phari -
77UET ClassmatePhone No:980441915, Location: Kasba New PS -
78Apollos AcademyPhone No:33-24166068 or 983030119, Location: Santoshpur Avenue -
79Good Luck EducationPhone No:908899769, Location: D Mukherjee Road 2006
80Saint Christophers Mission SchoolPhone No:33-24532814 or 900745966, Location: Thakurpukur 2009
81Shikshayan TutorialsPhone No:8100218600 or 983122091, Location: Bakrahat Road -
82Learners and ScholarsPhone No:898175334, Location: Thakurpukur, Thakurpuk.. 2015
83Rudrajit ChakrabortyPhone No:33-24068282 or 983002054, Location: Mandal Para Road -
84Marine Education Charitable TrustPhone No:33-24461734 or 2457510, Location: D H Road -
85Kunal Manna Shweta RaiPhone No:983690597, Location: Sahapur Colony -
86ImpetusPhone No:9903374056 or 983104475, Location: S N Roy Road, Shahpur.. -
87Iqra TutorialPhone No:33-3302240, Location: Kabitirtha Sarani, Khi.. 2016
88Socbeez AcademyPhone No:33-3313619, Location: S p mukherjee road, Ka.. 2012
89Ambition Education CenterPhone No:33-24226428 or 983040430, Location: Indrani Park -
90REAL STUDY INSTITUTEPhone No:9239521128 or 882085252, Location: Bose Road 1994
91El DoradoPhone No:33-24661376 or 905187928, Location: Chandra Bose Road 2014
92Nalanda Tutorial HomePhone No:33-24640625 or 983071953, Location: Nakuleswar Bhattachary.. 1989
93Academy Of CoachingPhone No:33-2461980, Location: Sarat Bose Road -
94S S Coaching CentrePhone No:33-24552459 or 983110023, Location: Road Jadu Bazar -
95Arjun MajumdarPhone No:983087919, Location: Hazra Road 2006
96AdhyayanPhone No:33-3302825, Location: Mahanirban Road, Garia.. 2004
97Souvik TutorialPhone No:9038729251 or 916388395, Location: Bose Pukur Road, Kasba.. 2003
98Rabindra Education Centre H OPhone No:33-3301973, Location: Raynagar -
99EdutariansPhone No:33-40089497 or 983091434, Location: Chakraberia Lane -
100Sneh Edu BasePhone No:33-40015879 or 983164037, Location: Jodhpur Garden 2012
101Blue Vision Education CentrePhone No:8336814858 or 833681485, Location: Jodhpur Garden 2014
102Direct EnglishPhone No:983648784, Location: Purna DAS Road -
103Edutarians Study NestPhone No:9830914345 or 983685400, Location: Road Post Office 1996
104Rite Roys Institute Of Tota...Phone No:33-3301982, Location: Mullick Road, Jadavpur.. 2013
105DR Tushar Kanti PalPhone No:33-24257395 or 933089367, Location: Central Park -
106Manorama Memorial Institute Of...Phone No:33-30025284 or 974847703, Location: Anandpalli Jadavpur 2006
107Creative MindsPhone No:33-30621242 or 967472334, Location: Ballygunge Place 2013
108R K InstitutePhone No:33-65550103 or 987460193, Location: Nagar/Ganguly Pukur, J.. 2014
109Somnath Ghosal TutorialsPhone No:9239015687 or 933193158, Location: Mohammed Shah Road 1990
110Max-EffortPhone No:9775550466 or 900788761, Location: C Mullick Road 2013
111OrbitPhone No:33-2472993, Location: Salimpur Road -
112SCHOLASTIC TUZtORIALPhone No:33-24814796 or 983070702, Location: C Bose Road 2005
113Sanghamitra ParaiPhone No:33-3313643, Location: simla rd., Manicktala.. 2000
114Perfect TutorialPhone No:9674493404 or 943293537, Location: Navanalanda Nursery Sc.. 1993
115SMB LearningPhone No:987444416, Location: S.N.Banerjee Road, Tal.. 2006
116Systematic Educational CentrePhone No:33-24160666 or 983025754, Location: Priyanath Ghosh Road -
117Swati BardhanPhone No:9830304002 or 933063623, Location: Bose Pukur Road -
118ChitrakalaPhone No:33-3302124, Location: Bose Pukur Road, Kasba.. 2010
119knowledge A Path of SuccessPhone No:33-22171224 or 983119964, Location: Sambhu Babu Lane, Enta.. 2008
120Sweety SahanajPhone No:980431354, Location: C Bose Road 2012
121Breakfail CreationsPhone No:33-24423028 or 801714991, Location: Ruby Park South 2011
122Globe InstitutionPhone No:33-3313543, Location: Dutta Street, Beadon S.. 2010
123New Educare CentrePhone No:33-3315564, Location: Path( Chutarpara Lane).. 1994
124Tech Point Edu CentrePhone No:33-3313074, Location: Tentulberia 2013
125Merriment Sip - AbacusPhone No:9903047886 or 983127788, Location: Sarat Park -
126MentorPhone No:9433349183 or 905133569, Location: Kasba -
127Pathfinder Educational CentrePhone No:33-24900332 or 983014517, Location: Budge Budge Trunk Road -
128Career Point Education AcademyPhone No:33-24577304 or 983020273, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
129BINIT CONSULTANCYPhone No:33-3313318, Location: Sakuntala Park 2013
130Lord Krishna's Educational HubPhone No:9330095704 or 869734249, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road. 1995
131Tuition WorldPhone No:33-65401065 or 905151555, Location: Upen Banerjee Road 2006
132Suprabhat ClassesPhone No:9830976925 or 983125657, Location: Naskar Road (Parnasree.. -
133MeritCarePhone No:705960747, Location: Narayan Roy Road -
134Ashwani TripathiPhone No:905178449, Location: Taratala Road -
135Suranjan CahtterjeePhone No:9836339285 or 987497287, Location: Sakher Bazar -
136GALAXY EDUCATION CENTREPhone No:9433377108 or 943237982, Location: Sister Nivedita Road 2003
137AIM TUTORIALSPhone No:896180954, Location: D H ROAD -
138Studyline Educational InstitutePhone No:33-24581688 or 983002168, Location: Brahmo Samaj Road -
139AchieverPhone No:9830664941 or 943297488, Location: K Paul Road -
140Nexus Educational InitiativePhone No:9830220071 or 983079820, Location: 514/2 D.H.Road, Behala.. -
141Advantage Academic CentrePhone No:9433427259 or 947720927, Location: Sarsuna Satelite Towns.. 2006
142SG ACADEMICSPhone No:9883391341 or 869737724, Location: 5A CHETLA CENTRAL ROAD.. -
143QuestPhone No:9830032598 or 980477011, Location: Muchipara Road 1999
144Excel TutorialsPhone No:943334657, Location: Braunfeld Road 2003
145Merit Mission Education CentrePhone No:9748437808 or 983110383, Location: Chetla Central Road -
146Santanu BanerjeePhone No:33-3301788, Location: Anjuman Ara Begum Row 2006
147Banerjee ClassesPhone No:8900743228 or 967464448, Location: Moore Avenue 2009
148TeachMeInstaPhone No:801738600, Location: NSC BOSE ROAD, Tollygu.. -
149AscendPhone No:33-24192224 or 983001723, Location: Monohor Pukur Road -
150Abhishek DattaPhone No:33-24637599 or 983026098, Location: Ashwini Dutta Road -
151Dutta TravelsPhone No:9836366190 or 983042274, Location: Beni Nandan Street -
152Prof Manoranjan BhandariPhone No:9831091448 or 983613394, Location: Raja Basanta Roy Road -
153Mammam TutionPhone No:33-3313759, Location: Lake View, Sarat Bose .. 2015
154Empowerd EducafePhone No:33-3313516, Location: Rashbehari Avenue 2014
155Bhawanipore Tutorial HomePhone No:33-2440676, Location: Rashbehari Avenue, Bal.. 1962
156Raja SirPhone No:33-24763037 or 983004491, Location: Ram Mohan Dutta Road 1983
157Deblina RahaPhone No:768687089, Location: Poddar Nagar, Jodhpur .. 2010
158Krypton ClassesPhone No:33-32951201 or 983016737, Location: Sarat Bose Road 2000
159Prime Training ServicesPhone No:33-32947075 or 3294716, Location: Elgin Road -
160BELLWETHER TUTORIALSPhone No:9831599864 or 974896080, Location: A. SHAH ROAD, Lake Gar.. 2016
161Mind UsPhone No:7278061068 or 810087527, Location: Naktala Lane 2011
162C M I InstitutePhone No:33-22835668 or 933039090, Location: Shakespeare Sarani, Pa.. 2002
163Success TutorialsPhone No:9434545113 or 983117632, Location: Sree Colony, Regent Es.. 2012
164Bodhi Coaching CentrePhone No:33-24405542 or 983067639, Location: Suren Tagore Road -
165MINDPhone No:9831638316 or 967438231, Location: Chowringhee Road 2014
166D Sens Coaching CentrePhone No:33-2287587, Location: Circus Range -
167Star TutorPhone No:907310784, Location: Panchasayer -
168Access ConsultancyPhone No:33-24611251 or 2461125, Location: Golpark -
169Aspiration ClassesPhone No:9836163679 or 983191390, Location: Ahmed Kidwai Road, Par.. 2011
170Seacom ClassesPhone No:33-24611056 or 983098679, Location: Ballygunge Station Road -
171Tapasi DasPhone No:9830047242 or 983611197, Location: Salimpur Road -
172Dr Debjani AdhikariPhone No:33-24611055 or 983187067, Location: Fern Road -
173Jodhpurpark Coaching CentrePhone No:33-2472683, Location: Gariahat Road -
174Abhishek KumarPhone No:903823745, Location: Banerjee Para Lane -
175ElixirPhone No:983076990, Location: Sarat Ghosh Garden Road -
176Success AcademyPhone No:983136389, Location: Theatre Road -
177Knowledge TutorialPhone No:33-3313755, Location: Palm Avenue, Ballygung.. 2002
178Bijoy MukherjeePhone No:983159347, Location: Rajnarayan Park -
179Spark Grooming FoundationPhone No:974861543, Location: Garfa Road 2002
180Brain GamesPhone No:983111136, Location: K.K. MAJUMDER ROAD, Sa.. 2009
181Calcutta Study CirclePhone No:903829352, Location: Bansbagan 2010
182Future CarePhone No:9038257608 or 903825760, Location: Broad Street -
183The Institute Of Computer Acco...Phone No:33-2463839, Location: Rash Behari Avenue -
184Ace Business AcademyPhone No:33-22455081 or 943346561, Location: Dr. Suresh Sakar Road -
185Swapna RoyPhone No:916382239, Location: Ajc Bose Road, Entally.. -
186Drawing School monPhone No:33-23500189 or 974831490, Location: Surya Sen Street, Bowb.. 2015
187NielePhone No:9883034875 or 983664712, Location: Garia Station Road, Ga.. 1990
188Seema TutorialsPhone No:9903513996 or 933076634, Location: Jagabandhu Boral Lane 2010
189GyaananjaliPhone No:9339918693 or 903825374, Location: Lane 3rd Floor 2000
190Swagata Biswas Maths TutorialsPhone No:33-3313731, Location: Kamalgachhi 1993
191Max Private Teachers and TuitionsPhone No:7278298128 or 980491691, Location: prafulla chandra stree.. 2012
192FreshmindsPhone No:9830625218 or 896157380, Location: Main, East Kolkata Tow.. 2010
193Home TutionPhone No:33-24902644 or 983015732, Location: Nungi Station Road -
194Indrani HalderPhone No:9836658470 or 983033125, Location: Ho Chi Min Sarani, Sar.. 2011
195Shiksha Kendra Coaching CenterPhone No:983138123, Location: Chatterjee Para -
196Mishra Coaching CentrePhone No:9831438534 or 943366382, Location: New Tollygunge 2008
197ScholarsPhone No:903889773, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road -
198Sardha Coaching CentrePhone No:983186847, Location: Muchi Para -
199Pk Tutorial HomePhone No:990314817, Location: Bakrahat Road -
200Richa PaulPhone No:983631524, Location: Near Blossom Standard .. -
201Pradip ChatterjeePhone No:801318113, Location: 512/4 2012
202SOMA GOSWAMIPhone No:900732668, Location: Parnashree Pally -
203Shantanu Biswas TuitionsPhone No:983051109, Location: Main Road -
204Sudip SenPhone No:983012443, Location: Parnasree Bus Stand -
205Vidyasagar Education CentrePhone No:33-24075706 or 923045861, Location: Biren Roy Road 1992
206Supriya BhattacharjeePhone No:33-24471386 or 983002527, Location: Biren Roy Road -
207Vineet ChaudharyPhone No:9836751335 or 905166430, Location: Tatatala Road -
208Tamal ChandaPhone No:983697201, Location: Kali Kinkar Road -
209Sarmistha Roy ChowdhuryPhone No:905134914, Location: Behala -
210Confidence HubPhone No:987444330, Location: Santosh Roy Road, Bari.. 2015
211Career Development AcademyPhone No:33-24989954 or 2407539, Location: (James Long Sarani) -
212pinaki ghoshPhone No:923169362, Location: Attapara Lane, Thakurp.. -
213Learning CentrePhone No:33-23468990 or 974827499, Location: B B Sengupta Road 2008
214Dw Educational Institute Priva...Phone No:33-3293562, Location: Chandi Charan Ghosh Road -
215Ratish MohanPhone No:990375239, Location: Taratala Road -
216DEB TUTORIALPhone No:727823705, Location: DIAMOND PARK 2014
217E DwellingsPhone No:968142009, Location: Diamond Park -
218Shiksha NiketanPhone No:983193987, Location: Banerjee Para Road -
219Tutor homePhone No:967431273, Location: James ling sarani -
220KALYANI COACHING CENTREPhone No:8296029596 or 943362335, Location: Sister nivedita rd -
221D K COCHING CENTREPhone No:933142283, Location: Motilal Gupta Road 2013
222Akansha tutorialPhone No:967409270, Location: Kalipada Mukherjee Road 1991
223BEST TUTORIALPhone No:900718558, Location: Nabalia Para Road 2013
224Mahjabah TutorialsPhone No:968103344, Location: Near Barkati Masjid -
225Dream Achiever TutorialPhone No:903832636, Location: M.G Road -
226Indrani MukherjeePhone No:33-32512473 or 905171014, Location: Roy Bahadur Road 2007
227Sourav BanerjeePhone No:9088275983 or 967408510, Location: Kazipara Road -
228Dutta TutorialsPhone No:916355088, Location: Bow Barracks -
229Vidya TutorialPhone No:33-80136915 or 727846811, Location: Kolkata -
230NicsPhone No:33-2445742, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
231SEEK TuitionPhone No:983030250, Location: BIREN ROY RD EAST -
232Mr GiriPhone No:983651369, Location: West Jairampur Jala Road.. -
233EdumaniacPhone No:898166637, Location: Shiborampur road, Beha.. 2015
234Medha Sen GuptaPhone No:983162197, Location: Sisir Bagan Road -
235Tapas sir coachingPhone No:903812492, Location: Sisirbagan -
236NabodoyPhone No:983124569, Location: Behala Chowrasta -
237Joydeb MukherjeePhone No:943354059, Location: Mukherjee Road Sakherb.. -
238Commers CenterPhone No:980489123, Location: Kolkata -
239Kolkata Home TutorsPhone No:33-24476341 or 987452006, Location: Barisha Club 2014
240Saikat ChatterjeePhone No:9830436584 or 990359836, Location: Kailash Ghosh Road 2000
241ConceptPhone No:33-28380183 or 900780097, Location: (Near Thakurpukur Baza.. -
242Career Point Education AcademyPhone No:33-24577304 or 983020273, Location: Diamond Harbour Road -
243TeacherPhone No:839205614, Location: B.N.G Brick Field Road -
244Routh tutorPhone No:983168058, Location: Sahapur colony -
245Tiruvilla Centre of EducationPhone No:983105350, Location: Block D -
246Soma BanerjeePhone No:33-24001794 or 916325710, Location: Jyotish Ray Road -
247Harsh AgarwalPhone No:896173682, Location: 38/5 jyotish roy road -
248Maitreyi ChatterjeePhone No:9330809129 or 983676197, Location: S N Roy Road 1990
249STUDENT'S TUTORIAL COACHING IN...Phone No:9831846435 or 983184645, Location: Ghat Road, Paschim Put.. 2015
250E TuitionPhone No:33-23972971 or 908801666, Location: Block F -
251Suparna DeyPhone No:983670333, Location: B.L.Saha Road -
252HBS CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCEPhone No:8017683268 or 983603110, Location: Alipur Road -
253Sangita BanerjeePhone No:923923137, Location: Monilal Banerjee Road -
254LEAPBIG EDUCATIONPhone No:983001692, Location: New Alipur 2011
255Ascent TutorialPhone No:9831930456 or 842077206, Location: Paschim Putiary, Pasch.. 2008
256Kindled HeartsPhone No:33-2479988, Location: Ronaldshay Road -
257Perfect tutorialPhone No:903822549, Location: Diamond harbour road -
258Jha Coaching ClassPhone No:9748984554 or 980448342, Location: Circular Road, New Ali.. 2008
259Test Toppers AcademyPhone No:33-65400419 or 987489552, Location: Raja Rammohan Roy road 2013
260Debdutta NathPhone No:905134533, Location: S N Roy road -
261Astha Tutorial Home & Computer...Phone No:9836060822 or 933978421, Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, H.. 2014
262Motherkind Coaching CentrePhone No:801361541, Location: J M Lane 2014
263Success PointPhone No:983034795, Location: O Block 2004
264Sarada Academy Of Future Educa...Phone No:727847291, Location: Raja Rammohan Roy Road -
265S.H. Educational CenterPhone No:983014062, Location: Judges Court Road -
266Agni GhoshPhone No:9038517393 or 900769065, Location: Chetla Hat Road -
267ScholarsPhone No:903889773, Location: Gobinda Auddy Road -
268Lucky biswasPhone No:842067114, Location: Dakshinpara 2009
269Faerie Queene AcademyPhone No:9903074089 or 983617564, Location: Gandhi Colony Road 2013
270Chetla EducarePhone No:33-24488330 or 789025377, Location: Durgapur Lane -
271Glorious EducarePhone No:801395949, Location: Hari Saba Street, Khid.. -
272S S Memorial AcademyPhone No:933102771, Location: D H Road -
273Mousumi MukherjeePhone No:967467034, Location: Watganj 2011
274Ranjan Group Of Co.Phone No:983142887, Location: Nitya Ghosh Street -
275DulalPhone No:983629500, Location: Gopal Banerjee Lane -
276Sanjib Tutorial HomePhone No:983073878, Location: Tollygunge Road 2000
277Bhowanipore Tutorial HomePhone No:33-2475132, Location: S.P. Mukherjee Road -
278Neha's Coaching CentrePhone No:801353637, Location: Deshprana Shasal Mandi.. 2010
279Parna Ghosh Rakshit Coaching C...Phone No:33-24286845 or 990340172, Location: Regent Colony 2004
280SopannPhone No:8697608613 or 983083753, Location: Purna Mitra Lane -
281Satyajeet's TuitionPhone No:9836991011 or 983102066, Location: Russa road 2012
282I B TutorialsPhone No:9836983535 or 933972397, Location: Tollygunge Road, Tolly.. -
283Tapas ChaudhuriPhone No:916363712, Location: Tipu Sultan Road -
284ENLITE TUTORIALPhone No:983618812, Location: Kolkata -
285Anisha's tuitionsPhone No:9836056596 or 983108258, Location: 58.M.g road, Tollygung.. -
286Mishras TutorialsPhone No:9331040714 or 983131628, Location: Pratap Aditya Road -
287B MukherjeePhone No:943313485, Location: Sadananda Road -
288paramartha royPhone No:33-24631962 or 898138561, Location: Bipin Pal Road -
289H.TUTORIALPhone No:864803704, Location: A T.n Majumder Street -
290Progress Educational CentrePhone No:9831175665 or 983695569, Location: K P Lane 2011
291Metroark AcademyPhone No:33-24544525 or 983001317, Location: K P Lane, Kalighat.. -
292Sadananda DasPhone No:903822532, Location: sadanand road -
293Madhurima RoyPhone No:983048520, Location: Moore Avenue, Regent P.. 2014
294Times TollygungePhone No:33-2421245, Location: Gandhi Colony -
295IQ ACADEMYPhone No:33-24020411 or 983193045, Location: Moore avenue 2001
296MR . M GUPTAPhone No:983196631, Location: GOVT COLONY -
297Sujoy tutorPhone No:988396802, Location: M b sarani -
298Wish AcedemyPhone No:9231556445 or 801744001, Location: Moore avenue -
299Exceltot TutorialPhone No:33-24544002 or 943327327, Location: Shyama Prasad Mukhejee.. -
300Banushree ChowdhuryPhone No:983013217, Location: Rashbehari Avenue -
301InsightPhone No:33-24554175 or 983040109, Location: Harish Mukherjee Road -
302Alka ShroffPhone No:33-3302399, Location: Gopal Banerjee Street 2008
303Get Set GoPhone No:8582911129 or 983100625, Location: 45/33 MOORE AVENUE 2014
304ScorePhone No:33-65555866 or 900745239, Location: S P Mukherjee Road 2014
305Saptarshi SarkarPhone No:905168259, Location: Kedar Bose Lane -
306Naresh Ch ChadhaPhone No:33-65224743 or 983194019, Location: Lake Gardens -
307Jaya RoyPhone No:33-24226230 or 983695374, Location: K Ghosh Memorial 2000
308Avishek Dey Home TutorPhone No:980454671, Location: Mina Para Road -
309Shuvam Dhar GuptaPhone No:980407988, Location: Mina Para Road 2009
310DishaPhone No:33-65336048 or 983104369, Location: Indra Roy Road -
311Piyanjali SahaPhone No:33-23116565 or 983003308, Location: Regent Place -
312CHEMISTRY TuitionPhone No:8902672343 or 943238308, Location: MOORE AVENUE -
313S S Memorial AcademyPhone No:9433346862 or 933102771, Location: Nandan Road -
314Explorers Of Social Happiness ...Phone No:33-24540606 or 980487585, Location: Chandra Nath Chatterje.. -
315SanskarPhone No:33-3296809, Location: A. Mukherjee Road -
316THE SCHOLARS HUBPhone No:900778333, Location: PRINCE ANWAR SHAH ROAD.. 2014
317Magician SANPhone No:33-2454027, Location: A.T. Mukherjee Road -
318AchievePhone No:33-40632068 or 983068315, Location: Opposite South City Ma.. -
319Saraswati Coaching CentrePhone No:33-2417522, Location: New Alipore -
320Priyanka DalmiyaPhone No:33-24634489 or 987442647, Location: Raja Basanta Roy Road -
321Future Techology Foundation IncPhone No:33-2465826, Location: Lake Road -
322Sucess PointPhone No:33-2287334, Location: Elgin Road -
323TimePhone No:33-2465565, Location: Lake View -
324Success PointPhone No:33-3313486, Location: Gandhi colony 1991
325Bright study centrePhone No:967463553, Location: Netaji nagar road 2011
326Sushiksha TutorialPhone No:33-2414349, Location: Prince Anwar Shah Road -
327Minal MehetaPhone No:974824498, Location: Chakraberia Road -
328CompulinkPhone No:33-2454322, Location: Chakraberia Road South.. -
329AchievementPhone No:9748549326 or 988149104, Location: Dinesh Pally -
330Shyam BosePhone No:9830985164 or 933100775, Location: Earle Street Kalighat -
331Pine Sir CoachingPhone No:983049767, Location: Shankar Saini -
332Professor Bidhan ChandraPhone No:33-24222357 or 990334590, Location: Main Road -
333Debabrata RoyPhone No:9231122823 or 923180516, Location: Sarat Bose Road -
334Kalyan Kumar KarPhone No:947471344, Location: monohar pukar, Sarat B.. 2000
335MaestroPhone No:33-3295039, Location: Jatin DAS Road -
336Ksri Education CentrePhone No:33-24644372 or 983033788, Location: Road, Sarat Bose Road 2004
337Nandinis Spoken EnglishPhone No:33-24660502 or 890271418, Location: Near Lake Mall -
338Nabarun Coaching CentrePhone No:33-24170294 or 943258171, Location: Lake Gardens 1987
339Mun Mun SarkarPhone No:9830387066 or 987445441, Location: Jodhpur Garden -
340Saha'sPhone No:983621352, Location: Ajc bose rd -
341PapyrusPhone No:9748499146 or 983044501, Location: Annada Banerjee Lane 2008
342Poornima SharmaPhone No:33-24737803 or 983019011, Location: Golf Green -
343SUTAPA MAMPhone No:983001088, Location: Md Shah Road 2013
344E Tuition HoPhone No:33-30408742 or 967434455, Location: Ashutosh Mukherjee Road -
345Veera TalukdarPhone No:983152110, Location: Mahamad Shah Road -
346UNIQUEPhone No:9874207440 or 973275294, Location: pallysree -
347Prof Dilip BosePhone No:33-24225197 or 923902569, Location: Husan Shah Road -
348Tanima Roy ChowdhuryPhone No:983664876, Location: Bijoygarh -
349Dipanwita MitraPhone No:943333636, Location: Bijoygarh -
350XI XII JEE IIT TUTION By Sumit...Phone No:983005321, Location: Central Road, Jadavpur.. 2005
351Anuradha GuptaPhone No:9830070898 or 898107089, Location: Chandra Bose Road, Nak.. -
352Shiksa NirPhone No:943382707, Location: BIJOYGARH -
353Zenith TutorialsPhone No:33-32938825 or 2413684, Location: Prince Anwar Shah Road -
354KippaPhone No:33-2414450, Location: Main Road -
355Digiki Q TwoPhone No:33-2093622, Location: Main Road -
356Disha Coaching CentrePhone No:983012031, Location: Poddar Nagar -
357Sushila Ganguly Tutorial HomePhone No:33-2429947, Location: A.S. Road -
358Institute Of SciencePhone No:33-24837407 or 983080427, Location: 1/117 B -
359The British Institute of Engin...Phone No:33-22102810 or 869723798, Location: Government Place East -
360Indranil MukherjeePhone No:33-24237470 or 943316746, Location: Road (South), Jodhpur .. 1995
361Princeton EducationPhone No:33-24290162 or 890279224, Location: Road (Ground Floor) -
362Nayak TutorialsPhone No:896165133, Location: DPP road -
363Prasenjit DebPhone No:33-3315756, Location: Gariahat Road 1984
364Target Education CentrePhone No:33-22466971 or 943350935, Location: Gariahat Road -
365Sunil GangulyPhone No:983106724, Location: Triangular Park 2008
366Study PointPhone No:943266428, Location: Selimpur Lane -
367Tution For GeographyPhone No:33-24136038 or 980410961, Location: Near South City Mall 2010
368Roushan Moulik Coaching CentrePhone No:9830818693 or 903833607, Location: Near Naktala High Scho.. 2006
369CosmosPhone No:33-22405241 or 2280913, Location: Jhowtala Road -
370Sanjay Chandrakant NadkarPhone No:33-3302274, Location: Ballygunge Place -
371AADI EDUCATIONPhone No:9836595154 or 983047737, Location: Ekdalia Road 2013
372Amar Coaching CenterPhone No:33-98836285 or 968146413, Location: Lane 2 1997
373ChitrankanPhone No:9831653812 or 990300806, Location: Naktala Road, Naktala.. 2010
374Chatterjee Food ServicePhone No:905131294, Location: B.M.S. Road 2006
375Ekanta Apon CoachingPhone No:33-65158818 or 727862520, Location: Jadavpur 2011
376A2B Learning SchoolPhone No:8420014427 or 842001444, Location: Bijoygarh -
377Anurita DAS & R.K. DAS TuitionsPhone No:33-24404880 or 983027327, Location: Ekdalia Road -
378Pratik MazumdarPhone No:980071553, Location: Netaji Nagar -
379Computer GuidancePhone No:983131453, Location: Road, Jadavpur Univers.. -
380Aman private tutorPhone No:727835593, Location: Jadavpur Station Road -
381Arpita sarkarPhone No:900776408, Location: Shivmandir rd -
382S K BhattacharyaPhone No:9831017970 or 983608943, Location: Naktala Road -
383TrigentPhone No:9836936857 or 987409759, Location: Gariahat Road -
384PrincetonPhone No:983617040, Location: Maharaja Tagore Road -
385Winning edge study centerPhone No:967418808, Location: Sree colony 2004
386Mita BasuPhone No:9903076234 or 933122163, Location: Hindustan Park -
387P K MaityPhone No:943372926, Location: Kolkata -
388DeepPhone No:983104080, Location: Fern Road -
389Ideal TutorialPhone No:987479912, Location: Dhakuria Station Road 2009
390Planet EducationPhone No:33-32452146 or 3245214, Location: Block B -
391Merit Coaching CentrePhone No:33-22807322 or 943365960, Location: A.J.C. Bose Road -
392Students ParadisePhone No:769919592, Location: Adi Ganga Road 2010
393Sanjay KarPhone No:801368186, Location: Dhakuria Station Road -
394Nics Educational Service Pvt LtdPhone No:33-2226301, Location: Jawaharlal Nehru Road -
395Sumita RoyPhone No:33-22802869 or 990398904, Location: Karaya Road -
396Sanchita ChatterjeePhone No:985151554, Location: Bidhanpally Road 2013
397Soham BanerjeePhone No:9836710863 or 990332520, Location: Fern Road -
398Dipak SahaPhone No:9831904106 or 983626815, Location: Mohendra Mondal Road -
399Noble TutorialsPhone No:801636118, Location: Main Road -
400Study TutorialPhone No:898113678, Location: C Mullick Road 2001
401Toton GhoshPhone No:896146109, Location: C Mullick Road 2012
402Shib SirPhone No:801312908, Location: C Mullick Road -
403Tuitions swagataPhone No:983092947, Location: Bagajatin -
404KALEIDOSCOPEPhone No:9831075537 or 983128656, Location: Mullick Road, Jadavpur.. 1995
405Science tutorial homePhone No:908824104, Location: Bagajatin 1990
406Sunanda's Coaching ClassesPhone No:898197690, Location: Karaya Road 2011
407The Scholars HubPhone No:33-22520636 or 983645639, Location: Near Jamuna Banquet, P.. 2009
408SKOODLEPhone No:983194030, Location: free school street 2014
409Career GuidePhone No:988369072, Location: Park Street 2012
410Tutorial plusPhone No:983646345, Location: Lindsay Street -
411Horizon Home TutorPhone No:898112802, Location: D.P.P. Road 2014
412Abhisek Banerjee ClassesPhone No:983072386, Location: Banerjee Para Lane -
413Tamal SomPhone No:990348159, Location: K N Sen Road -
414The Professional TutorsPhone No:33-24425535 or 974855677, Location: 91/39H Bose Pukur Road -
415Hussain tutorial centrePhone No:974827347, Location: Waterloo strt -
416Home TeutorPhone No:954759946, Location: Raja S C Mallik -
417Science TutorialPhone No:900763404, Location: Ripon Street -
418Mahatma Ashwani Kr DuttaPhone No:33-2240029, Location: Park Street -
419AdhayayanPhone No:33-24186579 or 983035128, Location: Vivek Nagar -
420Shilpa ChokhanyPhone No:983009391, Location: Ballygunge 1st Lane, B.. -
421Govind TutorialPhone No:833496584, Location: Esplanane Row West -
422Success TutorialsPhone No:974803666, Location: Fazlul Haque Sarani -
423Aaki BukiPhone No:33-2240560, Location: Broad Street -
424Vishnu Home TuitionPhone No:990383373, Location: Shamsul Huda Road -
425Sil Sarma Tutorial C Mallick Road, Garia.. -
426Miss. Kakali DebroyPhone No:983669529, Location: Bapuji Nagar -
427Irshad TutorialPhone No:980445263, Location: B D Bag) -
428Debabrata DasPhone No:33-24420093 or 933955382, Location: Kasba Road, Kasba.. -
429Tutorial centrePhone No:882007123, Location: Lenin sarani -
430Puja tutorial centrePhone No:983236432, Location: Leninsarani -
431Polu Tuition centrePhone No:995458848, Location: Waterloo strt -
432Vinar InstitutePhone No:990376513, Location: Sarat Ghosh Garden Road -
433Sam tutorialPhone No:988446572, Location: British Indian Street -
434Efficient AcademyPhone No:988315412, Location: 54 Ripon Street, Park .. 2010
435Samad tutorial Ripon Street -
436Indranath BhattacharjeePhone No:896136096, Location: Lenin Sarani, Dharmata.. 2004
437Japan Karate Associate Of IndiaPhone No:33-2240314, Location: Bondel Road -
438India ParentingPhone No:983039831, Location: Sukeas Lane -
439Nissan Educational Services Pr...Phone No:33-2225168, Location: Rabindra Sarani -
440A G PointPhone No:9681890977 or 900769065, Location: Goaltoli Lane 1999
441Shiraz tutorial Chittaranjan Avenue -
442Academy Of CommercePhone No:9831030946 or 890270866, Location: Sahid Nagar 2003
443accuratePhone No:8820881936 or 974868968, Location: B B Chatterjee Road, K.. -
444AmplitudePhone No:33-24411131 or 923149563, Location: K N Sen Road -
445Rajeshwari tutorialPhone No:990334242, Location: D Bag South -
4463rd Eye Tutorial @ GariaPhone No:33-24101323 or 789060814, Location: Kamdahari 2013
447S JaiswalPhone No:33-2861155, Location: Behari Basu Road -
448Anika raha coachingPhone No:943315273, Location: BIJOYGARH -
449Subir GuptaPhone No:33-24414982 or 974860510, Location: K N Sen Road -
450Ahsif Tutorial Bentick street -
451Abhisekh tutorial Bentick street -
452Physics Tutorial Santoshpur XI...Phone No:943236062, Location: Kumar Mazumdar Road, S.. -
453Paramita MazumderPhone No:9831177018 or 983130639, Location: Baroda Avenue -
454N ChakrabortyPhone No:943358124, Location: N C Choudhury Road -
455Arman TutorialPhone No:974804234, Location: Near Krishna Mandir -
456Genius TutorialsPhone No:33-22833627 or 983017718, Location: Miajan Ostager Lane -
457SanskritPhone No:33-2416902, Location: Main Road -
458arsalan coachingPhone No:900764009, Location: canal road, Garia.. 2006
459Khandkar tutorial Ganesh chandra street -
460Dhakuria TutorialPhone No:33-2415723, Location: Tanupukur Road -
461Taxtion Laws Training CentrePhone No:33-2248710, Location: N.S. Road -
462Rochana SenguptaPhone No:33-3315776, Location: ekanta appan, Santoshp.. 2006
463Ratna Coaching Centre CANVASPhone No:8793691834 or 842048618, Location: Lake East Third Road -
464Rays & RzilsPhone No:983684629, Location: Santoshpur Avenue 1st .. 2000
465Prity Tutorial B D Bag) -
466Priya TutorialPhone No:844390620, Location: Girish Park -
467Academic Study CentrePhone No:8274930518 or 833401985, Location: Salil Chowdhury Sarani.. 2006
468Rajiv's CoachingPhone No:33-26747542 or 908842676, Location: Baghajatin Station Road 2010
469Monu Memorial InstitutionPhone No:33-2344033, Location: Topsia Road -
470Vivekanda tutorialPhone No:9933190912 or 990338051, Location: Garia Place 2000
471SOMEN MANDALPhone No:33-24214541 or 980421894, Location: Baghajatin Station Road 2010
472Professional Study CentrePhone No:33-25674567 or 827480931, Location: Baghajatin Station Road 2010
473Pramita MukherjeePhone No:33-24840864 or 974848616, Location: Purbachal Main Road -
474Professor Corresponding CollegePhone No:33-22190849 or 943316249, Location: Radhanath Mullick Lane.. -
475Global ConsultancyPhone No:33-3030774, Location: C.R. Avenue -
476Vijay Path Management Private ...Phone No:33-2236561, Location: Chittaranjan Avenue -
477Nita DeyPhone No:9831591842 or 990316902, Location: LAL Bazar Street 1993
478Commarce TeacherPhone No:905144691, Location: Garia St Roadmetro -
479VERACITY CAREER POINTPhone No:9836302027 or 990323655, Location: Mufidul Islam Lane 2010
480Shoreen TutorialPhone No:990357738, Location: Ssa Road -
481ForesightPhone No:33-24412420 or 990319064, Location: Bose Pukur Road, Kasba.. 2006
482Career GuidePhone No:7687922811 or 983621867, Location: Laskar Pur, Laskarpur.. 2009
483Academic CornerPhone No:33-23231324 or 898180047, Location: Bose Pukur Road -
484Arnab KarmakarPhone No:9874822042 or 968115376, Location: Kalitala Road -
485Tutorial.ComPhone No:9874590811 or 801370534, Location: Garia Main Road -
486Edu CarePhone No:9883027293 or 983683889, Location: Ismail Madan Lane -
487Home tuition all subjectsPhone No:8017075690 or 988327135, Location: Picnic Garden.. -
488The Institute Of Computer Acco...Phone No:33-2287302, Location: Ajc Bose Road -
489Tuition At KolkataPhone No:968137544, Location: Kolkata 2014
490Sangeeta GuptaPhone No:983191640, Location: sapgachi 2nd lane, Til.. 2008
491Modern Coaching CentrePhone No:9831431376 or 916368697, Location: Sekhar Bose Road -
492Mahamaya TutorialsPhone No:905140181, Location: Mahamaya Mandir Road 2014
493Tution PointPhone No:9007419457 or 900741964, Location: Bose Pukur Road, Kasba.. -
494IntelliclassesPhone No:967475763, Location: P Mazumdar Road 2012
495roshan tutorial centrePhone No:961915386, Location: CR avenue -
496Kunal tutorial centrePhone No:869792110, Location: CR avenue strt -
497Taraknath SahaniPhone No:33-22685394 or 923000266, Location: Vivekananda Road -
498Moksha AcademyPhone No:900783992, Location: Avenue 1st Road 2012
499Ankit ClassesPhone No:983028536, Location: Mn Chatterjee Sarani -
500Barnali ChatterjeePhone No:33-23545564 or 983042907, Location: Road 1998

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