Top Arts College Ranking In Belgaum 2016-2017

Top Arts College Ranking In Belgaum

There are number of Arts College in Belgaum that offer quality services to students. Top Arts College Ranking In has been at the front runner when it comes to helping you find the best Arts College. We have presently started working in finding Top Arts College in Belgaum for this year also and presented list of Top Arts College. It is extremely difficult task to find out which are the best Arts College in Belgaum city but I can Say, It is indicator for students to help in choosing most appropriate Arts College in their area.

Know More About Criteria Of Selecting Top Arts College:

  1. As per your requirements, analyze various factors like faculty, fee structure, adequate infrastructure, learning, location, and performance of students in the past years and so on.
  2. Here’s a list of the top rated Arts College in Belgaum along with their comprehensive information including Ranking, Arts College Name, Area and Details.

Top Arts College Ranking In Belgaum:

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RankingCollege NameAreaDetails
1CMAS IAS ACADMEYKhade Bazaar Phone No: +918312462939 or +919964301587 Address: Mg Tower, Khadebazar, Khade Bazaar, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001, Beside Sangam Hotel Year of Establishment: awaited
2Liad Institute Of Art And Design Phone No: +918314202890 or +919448710943 Address: Kalashree Apartment, 3rd Floor, Tilakwadi Belgaum, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001, Above Relaince Fresh Rpd Cross Year of Establishment: awaited
3Phoenix Public SchoolNehru Nagar Phone No: +918312470631 Address: Main Road,, Nehru Nagar, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590010 Year of Establishment: awaited
4Motichand Lengade Bhartesh Polytecnic Phone No: +918312490230 or +919900970030 Address: Basavan Kudachi Extention, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
5Basavaprabhu Kore Arts, Science And Commerce CollegeChikodi, belgaum >Basavaprabhu Kore Arts Phone No: +918338272176 Address: Chikodi, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591201 Year of Establishment: awaited
6Unique Computer Education Phone No: +918312267894 Address: Azad Road, Bandiwad Base,, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
7S.S. Arts College And T.P. Science InstituteSankeshwar Phone No: +918333273316 Address: Old P.B. Road, Sankeshwar, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591313 Year of Establishment: awaited
8S V E S Arts & Commerce CollegeHarugeri Phone No: +918331257853 Address: Harugeri, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591220 Year of Establishment: awaited
9Gurukal CollegeClub Road Phone No: +918312467872 Address: M G Towers, 3rd Floor,, Club Road, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
10Vijay Vidhyadayani Sangha Pu CollegeBailhongal Phone No: +918288252808 Address: At Post.Neginhal, Bailhongal, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591102 Year of Establishment: awaited
11Trimurti Arts Photo StudioShahapur Phone No: +918314212208 Address: Kapileswar Colony,, Shahapur, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590003, Mahadwar Rd, Year of Establishment: awaited
12Trimurti Arts Photo StudioRavivarpet Phone No: +918314210208 Address: 341, Station Rd,, Ravivarpet, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
13The Satish Sugars Academy Pu CollegeGokak Phone No: +918332229244 Address: New Building Nsf Campus, Byalikata, Gokak, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591307 Year of Establishment: awaited
14Svs Bellubbi Arts & Commerce CollegeSaundatti Phone No: +918330224411 Address: C/02,, Bus Stand Road, Manoli,, Saundatti, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591126, Near Nesaragi Clinic Year of Establishment: awaited
15Shivshakti Glass ArtsTilakwadi Phone No: +918312401104 Address: 811/2, Bwtn, 2nd & 3rd Railway Gate,, Hindu Nagar, Tilakwadi, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590006, Congress Road, Year of Establishment: awaited
16Satish Chougule Ind P U College RaibagRaibag Phone No: +919901708070 or 8331225357 Address: Diggewadi Road, Raibag, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591317, Near Tahsildar Office Year of Establishment: 2012
17Saraswati Composite PU College & Bahirjee Shirolkar College Phone No: +918147785010 or 9481129965 Address: A/P:handiganur, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
18S S Composite Pu CollegeAnkali Phone No: +918338254224 Address: Vpc No 1416, Ankali, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591213 Year of Establishment: awaited
19S H V Pu College Phone No: +9183392272398 Address: S H V Pu College, Ugarkhurd Station Rd, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591316 Year of Establishment: awaited
20RPD BBA collegeTilakwadi Phone No: +919481136371 Address: college road, Tilakwadi, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590006 Year of Establishment: awaited
21Rachana ArtsRavivarpet Phone No: +918312423951 Address: Ravivarpet, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
22Prin Pre University CollegeGokak Phone No: +918332292250 Address: 3452/B, Main Road, Gokak, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591307 Year of Establishment: awaited
23Mias School Of Business & I TTilakwadi Phone No: +918315204002 Address: 779,, Thakkar Plaza,, Tilakwadi, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590006, Near 3rd Railway Gate, Year of Establishment: awaited
24Mayur Wood ArtsCamp Phone No: +918312477547 Address: Apmc Complex,, K H, Kangli Road,, Camp, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001, Azam Rd, Year of Establishment: awaited
25Maratha Mandal Head OfficeMal Marutu Extension Phone No: +918312472982 or +919448137017 Address: No.1007,, Mal Marutu Extension, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590016, Opposite Police Parade Ground, Year of Establishment: awaited
26M G Comp Pre University CollegeNangad Phone No: +918336236662 Address: New Bldg, Nangad, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591120 Year of Establishment: awaited
27Laxmi Education Trust Phone No: +918312226735 Address: Vidyanagar, Gokuk,, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
28K R E S Camp Pre University CollegeAinapura Phone No: +918339254087 Address: K R E S Camp, Ainapura, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591303 Year of Establishment: awaited
29D S Nadage Pre University CollegeMangur Phone No: +918338268032 Address: Karadge Chikodi, Mangur, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591215 Year of Establishment: awaited
30Beynon Smith Methodist PUC collegeCamp Phone No: +918312420860 Address: Camp, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001, boger mess Year of Establishment: awaited
31Anjuman Composite Pre University College Phone No: +918312442805 Address: Princ Anjuman Campus,, Belgaum, Pin Code: 590001 Year of Establishment: awaited
32Ajjappa Gadami Arts & Commerce CollegeManoli Phone No: +918330277009 Address: Savadatti, Manoli, Belgaum, Pin Code: 591117 Year of Establishment: awaited

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