Indian Airforce Officer Pay Scale And Allowances

Indian Air Force Officer Pay Scale and Allowances In 2015-2016

Brief Introduction about Indian Air Force:

“The Indian Air Force which is one of the three major wings of the ‘Indian Armed Forces’ (the other two being army and navy) was incorporated in 1932 on 8th October. The primary task of the IAF is to defend the Indian airspace. This article throws light on Indian Air Force salary. Scroll down for beautiful description their salary”IAF


Why India Air Force:

The Indian Air Force not only offers you an adventurous and challenging career but also takes care of all your needs including accommodation, healthcare, recreational facilities and education for your children etc. Are you interested in building a career in the Indian Air Force? I’m sure you are! That’s why you are interested in going through the salary details of Air force Officers serving in the IAF! Let me introduce you one thing, IAF knows to take care of its members very well. The Officers serving IAF are paid well. Along with the basic pay package, IAF Officers also get to enjoy numerous other perks, benefits as well as allowances! Combining all these figures together, the resulting gross salary is pretty handsome!


To Whom Indian Air Force Recruits:

All applicants whose applications are submitted by due date will be called for Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) and Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) (applicable only for candidates applying for technical branch) to be conducted on September month of every year mostly on Sunday. Candidates will be required to login to their candidate login accounts regularly for information on AFCAT, EKT (if applicable) and AFSB testing. The AFCAT will be of two hours duration and will contain multiple choice questions on reasoning, general awareness , verbal ability, numerical ability, and military aptitude. Sample question papers and syllabus of AFCAT/EKT is available on IAF career website EKT would be for 45 minutes and conducted immediately after AFCAT.

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Army Officers Pay Scale And Allowances In India


Candidates who are short-listed on the basis of (AFCAT/EKT) will be called for further testing at one of the Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs) at Mysore, Gandhinagar, Varanasi, Dehradun, or Kancharapara. The testing would consist of three stages as given below.

  • Stage Level-I :Exam Test consisting of Intelligence Test along with other tests will be conducted on the first day. Stage-I test is a screening test and only those who qualify would undergo subsequent testing. All Stage-I qualified candidates would be subjected to document check to ascertain their eligibility for the branches applied for. Those candidates who either do not qualify in Stage I testing or do not meet the required eligibility criteria would be sent back on the first day itself.
  • Stage Level -II: Exam Test is consisting of Psychological test, Group Tests and Interview will be conducted on subsequent days (Five Days).
  • For Flying Branch:CPSS (Computerized Pilot Selection System) and or PABT would be administered to eligible candidates.


Must Know The Acronyms:

  • PPB Stands for Pay in Pay Band
  • GP Stands for Grade Pay
  • DA Stands for Dearness Allowance
  • MSP- Military Service Pay
  • FA- Flying Allowance
  • BS stands for Basic Salary
  • TA- Technical Allowance
  • KMA- Kit Maintenance Allowance
  • TA- Travel Allowance

Table to summarize rise Indian Air Force Officers Salary:

Flying Officer PB-III 15,600-39,100 5,400 6,000
Flight Lieutenant PB-III 15,600-39,100 5,100 6,000
Squadron Leader PB-III 15,600-39,100 6,600 6,000
Wing Commander PB-IV 37,400-67,000 7600 6,000
Group Captain PB-IV 37,400-67,000 8700 6,000
Air Vice Marshal PB-IV 37,400-67,000 10,000 6,000
Air Commodore PB-IV 37,400-67,000 8,900 6,000
Air Marshal PB-IV 37,400-67,000 12,000 6,000
Chief of Commands Apex Band 80,000 INR NA NA
Air Force Chief Apex Band 90,000 INR NA NA

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Highlight About Officer Allowances in Indian Air Force:


  1. DA (Dearness Allowance)= 30,5100 Rupees per month (at the rate of 113% of Basic Salary)
  2. Flying Allowance= 13,500 Rupees per month
  3. Kit Maintenance Allowance= 600 Rupees per month
  4. Transport Allowance= 3,200 Rupees+ DA (in case of major cities) and 1,600 Rupees+ DA (in case of other cities)


 Finally how much cash in hand salaries of Indian Air Force Officers:

The CTC of a flying officer is Rs 75000. He gets a salary of about rupees 54000 in technical branch and something close to 68000 in flying branch. The basic salary is same; the difference comes with the allowances. A pilot gets the flying allowance and the tech officer gets the technical pay.

Chopper pilot, Fighter pilot, Transport pilot, engineer or ground duty officer, everyone in IAF with same rank and same seniority will have same salary. However depending on the department and nature of the job armed forced officers are entitled with some special allowances. A technical (engineering) officer gets around additional allowance of 3k and pilots get 13.5k flying allowances.
So fresh flying officer will get 64926
A fresh (Engineer) flying officer will get 64926+3k
A fresh (pilot) flying officer will get 64926+13.5k

In addition to this officers get fully furnished accommodation, they have insurance, free medical facilities for family.

And the most distinguishing factor armed force personals are entitled to pension which other government employees joining after 2001 are not eligible for.


So If I am going to summarize high level Salary as below:

Gross Monthly Emoluments: The first monthly pay package of Flying Officers in all the branches would be as under (Please note that this does not include other allowances based on place of posting except Transport Allowance of major cities which is included).

Flying Branch Technical Branch Ground Duty Branch
Total Emoluments (in Rs) 78,426 67,926 64,926

After All Calculation Indian Air Force Officers Gross Salary per Month:

The following are the gross monthly emoluments applicable at different ranks (includes Pay in Pay Band, Grade Pay, MSP, DA and Transport Allowance of major cities. Flying and Technical allowance would be over and above as applicable).

  1. Flight Lieutenant Indian Air Force Officer Salary Per Month: 49,738 In Rupees
  2. Squadron Leader Indian Air Force Officer Salary Per Month: 58,713 In Rupees
  3. Wing Commander Indian Air Force Officer Salary Per Month: 86,768 In Rupees
  4. Group Captain Indian Air Force Officer Salary Per Month: 99,345 In Rupees
  5. Air Commodore Indian Air Force Officer Salary Per Month: 1,04,443 In Rupees
  6. Flight Lieutenant Indian Air Force Officer Salary Per Month: 49,738 In Rupees

Note: – Monthly Flying Pay admissible to different ranks are as follows. This is apart from salary:-

  1. Flying Officer Indian Air Force Officer Flying Pay Per Month: 11,250 In Rupees
  2. Flight Lieutenant Indian Air Force Officer Flying Pay Per Month: 13,750 In Rupees
  3. Squadron Leader Indian Air Force Officer Flying Pay Per Month: 17,500 In Rupees
  4. Wing Commander Indian Air Force Officer Flying Pay Per Month: 17,500 In Rupees
  5. Group Captain Indian Air Force Officer Flying Pay Per Month: 17,500 In Rupees
  6. Air Commodore & above Indian Air Force Officer Flying Pay Per Month: 13,125 In Rupees


Similarly, Technical Allowance for Tier-I course is Rs 2500/- Per Month and for Tier-II course Rs 3750/- Per Month.


Other allowances based on place of posting and nature of duty would also be applicable. These are special compensatory (hill area) allowance, field area allowance, high altitude allowance, siachen allowance, special force allowance, Island special duty allowance, test pilot & flight test engineer allowance, hard area allowance and remote locality allowance.


Apart from the pay & allowances mentioned above, you will also get the following perks and benefits:


  1. Accommodation: As an officer, you are provided with well-furnished and spacious accommodation depending upon your rank.
  2. Leave Travel Concession: Traveling Allowance by the shortest route for AC-III Tier Mail/ Express Trains to and fro for the journey from the place of Call Up or departure (whichever is nearer) is admissible. Change of address, if any, must be intimated to the Board well before your arrival. You shall furnish the railway ticket/ bus ticket (hard copy) to the Board, failing which no TA will be paid. For all other modes of travel, TA will be admissible as per the government authorized rules. No TA is admissible, if you have already appeared for the same type of entry at any of the Selection Boards.
  3. Insurance Cover: Rs 50 Lakh Insurance Cover (on contribution) is applicable to serving officers. Additional cover of Rs 10 Lakh (on contribution) is applicable to Flying Branch Officers…
  4. Leave: You will be entitled to an annual leave of 60 days and 20 days of casual leave.
  5. Loans: Liberal loans from the Air Force Group Insurance Society are available to you for purchase of house, car and computer. Apart from that, you are also entitled to government loans and loans from the Indian Air Force Benevolent Association.
  6. Medical Facilities:
    style=’orphans: auto;widows: 1; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;word-spacing:0px’ alt=Image border=0 v:shapes=”_x0000_s1026″>All personnel of Indian Air Force and their families are comprehensively covered by our medical facilities, including specialist services.
  7. Education Facilities
    excellent schooling facilities for children along with provision of free / concessional school transport facility. Provision of reimbursement of school fee and other related expenditure.
  8. Sports facilities: Various sports inside air force campus like, basketball, football, cricket, gym etc.
  9. Canteen Facilities: As a member of armed forces, you are entitled to shop at concessional rates from CSD Canteens all over the Country.
  10. Ration: The Air Force provides ration in kind to all officers.
  11. Recreational Facilities: As an Air Force officer, you are entitled to some of the finest facilities for recreational as well as competitive sports and other adventure activities.
  12. Opportunities for Higher Learning: As an officer, you are provided with ample opportunities for undergoing various courses to enhance your skills, whether in the field of computer technology, management sciences or military studies. You are also allowed special leave to pursue higher education.


Post-retirement Benefits

  1. Insurance
    Post retirement insurance cover is provided to all Air Force pensioners who have rendered pensionable years of service on payment of minimal premium. The cover given by the Society is up to 72 years of age.
  2. Pension
    After retirement from the service, An IAF Officer is entitled to a decent pension which takes care of the needs of the family.
  3. Medical
    The facilities of Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) such as after retirement at minimum one time contribution, cashless treatment for family for life at ECHS Polyclinics and empanelled premium super specialty group of hospitals like Fortis, Artemis, Apollo, Escorts to name few and many others at almost every city in India with facility of Private Wards.

    • All the retired officers and their dependents have access to medical rooms and hospitals equipped with the best of the facilities. Apart from being entitled to the medical facilities, retired Air Force personnel is also authorized for the following benefits:
    • Grant for Commercial Venture for personnel who have had to leave service due to medical reasons.
    • Coverage under medical insurance for lifetime.


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