How to Improve Handwriting for my child

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    How to Improve Handwriting for my child?

    General skill development in special children is to be fostered in the developing stages of early childhood. The naive minds are meant to be sculpted and guided well while they are in the growing stage as it is easier for them to adapt at this age. Basic skills like communication, good behavior, and basic educational skills are a necessity. Especially, when it comes to the handwriting of special kids. Handwriting might not be an essential skill for parents to give special attention to, but it plays an important role in children’s lives in the future aspects.

    The handwriting of your child portrays his/her behavior or personality. In fact, handwriting, helps the child to get their innovative ideas on paper, or in some cases, the handwriting of the child might be unreadable but the context he/she is writing proves to be completely relevant and of great brilliance. Children struggling with handwriting can be called messy or lazy due to the ‘everywhere handwriting’ style which results in hampering their personality or mental development. Practice makes a man perfect but it does not justify in case of handwriting.

    Special children with deficit disorder majorly face problems when it comes to putting thoughts into words and sentences that others will be able to read and understand.  There might be a couple of things that hold them back which results in messy and unreadable handwriting. Because handwriting is not only about putting pencil to paper but also involves thinking and sometimes calculative thoughts that require multitasking. Handwriting can command kids to write and form shapes and move their hand in certain directions, focusing on their vision, shaping letters and expressing their thoughts. Parents can start helping them with handwriting as soon as the child reaches the age of 5. It is because this age is where they develop the ability to dynamically grasp the skill.

    One of the leading centres , Lexicon Rainbow, has provided relevant facts as to what issues special children face in the matter of handwriting. Issues such as wrong grip, weak formation of the letter, the differentiation in sizes of the same or different letters, pencil pressure, sense of direction, and general spacing of words. Handwriting is a fine motor skill. Fine motor skills are related to the coordination of muscles, eye, and brain command. Motor skills leave a huge impact on the overall development of the child. Lexicon Rainbow School has come up with a different set of activities to improve the handwriting of your special child. Lexicon has also come up with a curriculum to help special kids to work on their handwriting.

    Here are some tips that will help you to improve your child’s handwriting:

    Start with basic – Teach kids, how to hold their pencil. The initial step is to help your child understand what is the most comfortable and appropriate grip for him or her to hold the pencil and in what way they can hold them. Slowly starting with a fist holding to using only two fingers and then distant holding with two fingers and lastly closely holding the pen or pencil.  Special Kids might take time to understand the coordination between thumb, index, and middle fingers. Monitoring your kid’s writing can help you understand how the kid is writing, if the ink is imprinted, there is too much pressure on the pencil or paper, or if the writing is light it means less pressure is applied. At first, some of the ink will also be transferred to the base of their palms but further along the way, a more smooth and comfortable grip can avoid this and hence not spread the lead or ink and create a mess. In case of failure to write neatly, kids may take on stress, here you can calmly hold their hands and help them in writing.

    Correct stationery -Use of correct stationery is also essential. The pencil should not be too thick or too thin for the grip of your child’s hand. Take along an eraser to clean up any errors.  Provide your special children with boxed or ruled pages for practicing to write in a straight line. The use of plain paper can increase the difficulty level of the child and build up frustration. For toddlers boxed pages to practice right size alphabets, four-lined paper for older toddlers can help to practice straight line and cursive practice. Try choosing bright colored notebooks for special children to attract them. There are writing books for beginners also available in the market that show how each letter is to be written by giving stepwise instructions and variation in sizes of the letters which are placed in a grid and a black grid is provided to mimic the letters.

    Environment while practicing – Surrounding environment plays an important role when it comes to teaching kids any skill. To interest and engage kids, keeping a healthy, energetic and comfortable environment is necessary. The kid should feel encouraged and excited to give a chance to try new and different things. A happy and positive environment especially during the practice of handwriting can show effects on improved writing and decreases the chance of the child to be discouraged in the event of failure to perform. Indulging different habits like sitting straight and giving an angle with a convenient place to sit where sufficient light is reachable can show significant encouragement in special children to practice handwriting more.

    Patience and problem – Often special children are unable to express if they are facing any issues with their handwriting as they feel it is not a big issue. Messy handwriting can be a sign of a disturbed mind and low self-confidence. It is important that while monitoring your child’s handwriting, you notice the little errors which are the results of other issues they might be facing. Help your child with the error and provide assurance to comfort him or her. But while doing so, the activity demands more and more patience. Special children see and learn, they try to adapt to the behavior of the elderly. Taking advantage of this, you can show your special children how to neatly write and practice and patience you reflect on your child will increase his or her confidence. A positive and encouraging attitude will also aid in their learning. Most of the mistakes should be handled with a positive attitude and with proper patience which should not result in you pushing them relentlessly and them bursting out while mirroring you.

    Using other activities – In order to grow, special children take support of different activities to improve their behavior, personality, and even handwriting. To meet the requirements of your special children, you can enhance their interest in playing board games, and solving different types of puzzles. Giving special children books can not only increase their knowledge but also help to understand sentence formation, alphabet sizing, and develop thought processes. Different games like Lego, Jenga, and colored clay can also be included in the process to help with their motor skills and cognitive skills, mainly focusing on their hand to eye coordination.

    Trace the handwriting – Different books or slates for tracing handwriting are available in the market. Tracing the handwriting can be a fun activity for kids as they love to impersonate the elderly. In case of unavailability of such books, you can write on a thick paper and give a thin paper for the child to imprint the handwriting. Keeping standard handwriting to make it easier for the kid. Start with tracing the letters with a pencil and then use the same page and ask them to write it again beneath the written letters. In this way, you can also help the child to write in a particular angle in order to write neatly.

    Practice and segment – Segmentize the letters, teach kids the use and difference of Capital and small letters. Teach your kid the differentiation between the designs of different letters for better understanding. Starting with similar-looking letters and then with the difficult letters. This can help the child to develop good handwriting. Ask your kids to practice often. The use of bold block letters can bring interest in kids to practice their handwriting often.

    Other activities – Conduct an in-house handwriting competition at home which will encourage the child. Sometimes, a push is needed to excite kids in such activities as they get bored easily.  Games, drawing and crafts motivate children the most and can also be used in learning and developing various skills.

    Teaching especially abled children how to write and helping them from the start, can also help to build a better relationship bond between you and your child. You should not give up even if the kid is unwilling to practice, keep encouraging your kid with different toys to learn, and games to understand and keep their spirit high. Teach them about different handwritings and languages they can write in which may develop a taste in them to practice their handwriting more. It is unspoken, but your child requires your support through their struggles and through your support will their self-esteem boost and bridge the gap of communication which indeed will help your special kid to cope up emotionally.


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