Best Books for CBSE Class 12th to Score Good Marks In 2019-2020

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Best Books for CBSE Class 12th to Score Good Marks

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Dear friend if you target is to choose BCA/BBA or going for simple graduation rather choosing IIT JEE/NEET kind of competitive exam, I would strongly recommend studying the only NCERT books and solving each and every questions from them would be more than enough to clear your concepts and really boost your moral to get a 95+ marks in all the subjects. I would only say to solve question as many times as you want. There is no need of any other reference book at all.

But if you have in your mind to qualify IIT JEE/NEET/UPSC such kind of exam then, my dear friend only reading NCERT books is not sufficient at all.

Dear friends, I am going to talk more in details on each subject. I know that skill of each student is not same so based on your skills might be book you are going to opt will be different .So I would suggest read the article completely.

If you want to start IIT JEE preparation in parallel with class 12th then I have already recommended books for such kind of student. But if your primary objective is to score good marks in class 12 board then you must read this article till end.

RD Sharma for CBSE class 12th

R.D. Sharma For Mathematics Class 12th: Price

Mathematics: Each and every student should have to have NCERT for mathematics and also should have R.D. Sharma along with NCERT. R.D. Sharma is going to help a lot in building your concept. Although it is required little more effort to solve both but this book has a lot of potential and going to help you score 100/100 marks in mathematics. In future it will also help if you are going to appear in IIT-JEE. If you need little easier book to understand then you may choose R. S. Aggarwal for practice. You may also refer to U-Like papers because mathematics is such kind of paper where you can score up to 100% marks so solving as much as book as going to help you a lot. But make sure you have time to solve it. If you want to prepare for IIT JEE by own then you may refer M.L. Khanna. This will be bible for you. Practicing only these above book make you perfect in this subject. You may choose A Das Gupta’s Mathematics MCQ book along with M.L. Khanna. It will really help for IIT JEE exam.

Pradeep Physics for cbse class 12th

Pradeep’s  Physics for class 12th Price

Physics: NCERT for physics is conceptual book not only for learning deeper knowledge of the subject but also for building a strong fundamental. This book has numerous concept and sure shot questions given at the end which would boost your skills for handling analytical ability based questions in the exam. So I recommend each and every student to have NCERT. However if you are keen for solving other book for CBSE boards, you may go for Pradeep’s  Physics. This book has a equally lot of potential as NCERT. If you are little weak in physics and not felling comfortable with Pradeep then you may go for SL Arora. My dear friend only referring these books is not going to help to score more that 98% in the CBSE board exam. To achieve that level target you must have to practice past year questions a lot. You may choose either of Xamidea or Arihant’s cbse question papers. If you dare to solve other physics book by own then HC VERMA part 1 and part 2 you should have for optional. There is no as such relation with board exam but if you solve it, it is really going to help it for IIT JEE kind of exam. If you are targeting some else rather IIT JEE then you may leave this book to have.

OP Tanddon For chemistry class 12th

New Era Chemistry Textbook for Class XII Part II: Chemistry Class XII Part – II by O.P. Tondon (Author), A.K. Virmani (Author), A.S. Singh (Author) Price

Chemistry: My recommendation is to stick with NCERT chemistry and choose only other book if you have completed this book. This book has a lot of potential and going to help a lot in clearing you concept. Cbse board has the habit of asking mostly from NCERT book directly so reading NCERT for chemistry will be beneficial.  Dear friend board exam will be purely conceptual. So I would recommend you to focus only your concepts and revise them concept regularly. You must have to also focus on numerical part because it will be more scoring part in exam board point of view. If you want to go little higher level then O.P TONDON will be good choice for you.

U Like for english cbse class 12th

English: English is such kind of subject which should be prepared in more functional way. NCERT English is more than enough. But you are going to choose English as subject in future then Flamingo and Vistas are good book for the literature. You may refer some other book U-like papers to score good marks in exam. You must have to revise previous year paper to score good mark in board exam. Arihant last Last 10 year papers is also good choice. , If you have time or want to make career in English then APC books for novel and BBC for practice questions you may choose.

Biology BP Pandet CBSE Class 12th

Biology: NCERT is good for Biology but not enough if you are going to qualify competitive exam like NEET. There is book by BP Pandey under S. Chand Publication which is equally good book as NCERT. ‘Pradeep’s – This book is also good for biology’. If are going to prepare for Medical entrance exam as well then refer Trumen series. The topics explained more in detail with questionnaire in both subjective and objective type.

CBSE class 12th micro economics book by Sandeep garg

Introductory Micro Economics for Class 12 by Sandeep Garg (Author) Price

Economics: If you are from either commerce or humanities then Economics is going to be most interesting subject for you. Apart from NCERT, you can use the following books as reference Sandeep Garg (language is really good and explained in so simple way so that anybody can understand, and the various type of questions it covers which are more than sufficient. There is no need to go for coaching after  reading this book really you will score good marks in exam), TR. Jain and VK. Ohri. T.R. Jain is also good to have since it covers everything in detail. So if you want to get knowledge in detail then it will be good choice.

Accountancy For cbse class 12th by P.C. TulsianAccountancy: Apart from NCERT, You may go for P.C. Tulsian. This is good book and concept is explained nicely. After that you can go for D. K. Goel then you may choose T.S. Grewal for a lot of practice, good to have U-Like for Sample Papers.

Business study by Sandeep Garg for class 12th
Business Studies: For Business Studies I will recommend to study NCERT and you should know each and every concept that’s written there in. Still you want to choose some other book then you can go for C.B Gupta. This book has a good potential as well. Apart from it you can go either Sandeep Garg or Subhash Dey. I would suggest first read the concept from NCERT then choose any one of them. Sandeep garg is good book because it uses almost exactly the same language as NCERT. The quality of Subhash Dey in which concepts are explained in a very brief and easy to understand manner. Poonam Gandhi book is for detailed explanation and extra knowledge but question is that really do you have time to read all these books?

Saraswati History book for class 12th

History: NCERT everybody should have then you may go for Saraswati if you have time.

Geography By Full marks for cbse class 12th

Geography:Apart from NCERT you can choose Full marks.

Sociology: Full marks is good option after NCERT.

Political science: NCERT will be more than sufficient still you want to refer some other book then Arihant Sample Question Paper will be good option for you.

Hindi: Full Marks or Golden will be good choice after NCERT.

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